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Cohort 57

An interactive slide show of Cohort 57

Susan Dawson

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Cohort 57

Cohort 57 We came from all over To learn to be OD consultants Along the way we became friends When we started.... We didn't know what OD was Now we have definitions.... like Beckhard, 1972 We drank the kool-aid Traveled to Montreal
stayed in a hotel? got used to fire alarms Learned how hard living with a J can be CFM shoes
We got to know ourselves pretty well
HI Lab Wear shoes you can look at for a few days- Sukari Learned how to make a decision..... Yeah, right. Determined Mike is a spy- since he can get out of elevator shafts. via Portland.... Maine Bethel or if your Chona...
Portland, Washington We were scared of the hot seat We tried to be curious open to new things... We ate....
a LOT Learned a few new songs... Apple Bottom Jeans...
Boots with the fur... And a few new dances Throw it in the trash We lost a few along the way And gained a few potentially deadly for the J Learning Community Time Where we rarely looked like this.... We had some great professors and mentors We reflected along the way WE Bonded.... We eat.....and eat.....and eat some more
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