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Mrs. Brown's Intro to World Cultures

Introduction to World Cultures for Students and Parents. Includes: Topics of Study, Rules, Grading Procedures, etc.

Katie Brown

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of Mrs. Brown's Intro to World Cultures

About Mrs. Brown:
Is from Kansas
Went to Kansas State University
Moved to Texas 6 years ago
Formerly Miss Morgan
Loves college football
Is a photographer
Has two sons named Finn and Baron.
Intro to World Cultures
6th Grade Social Studies
Overview of the World's continents and cultures
Basic geography
Tolerance & understanding of all world cultures
We will briefly study all major religions of the world during the year.
We will study:
Latin America
Middle East
Australia, Antarctica & Oceania
You will have 3 individual projects for:
Latin America, Asia & Middle East

You will have 3 group projects for:
Europe, Asia & Africa
Your survival guide to
World Cultures is your notebook.
contains all notes
most of your class activities
information to study for tests

You will have notebook quizzes every
3 weeks.

If you are absent, you MUST make up what you missed.
Everyday you will have a Bellringer.
Trivia question about the part of the world we're studying

Every 4 weeks I will grade your Comp. Books.
Each Bellringer is worth 3 points
1 point for the date, 1 point for the number (1.2), and
1 point for the answer.

If you are absent, you must write "Absent" for the days you were gone or you miss 3 points per day.
I grade using points possible.

If you have a 10 question test and you got 8 right,
your grade would be 8/10 or 80%.

If you have a 15 point assignment and you missed 2,
your grade would be 13/15 or 86%.

You will see your grades as 8/10 or 13/15 on your papers and in the grade book.
You will have a test over every continent/unit.

Each test will have:
Matching of Key Terms
Multiple Choice Questions
An Essay Question

You will get a study guide a week before the test.
Any Questions?
Do we have homework?
You will have homework when...
**You don't finish an assignment in
**To study for a test or quiz.
**To work on projects.

If you use your time wisely, then you will not
have a lot of homework in my class. :)
First a little about me...
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