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Copy of Haama Group Ltd. introduction

No description

Sarit Rapaport

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Haama Group Ltd. introduction

Why us?
Global production ensures worldwide supply
supported by uncompromising standards
- Product line
Technology superiority along with innovative vision
& professional expert team ensuring reliability
and quality performance
Founded in 1964 by Mr. Michael Fisch, Haama Group Ltd.
is managed today by third generation Mr. Yaron Harel
Speciality - development and manufacture of textile and insulation products
Global presence which operates, manufactures and supply worldwide
Iso- 9001:200 Oeko-Tex IQnet Green Mark

Comprehensive solutions customized to clients
One Stop Business
Fusible interlining
Fusible shirt interlining - (top fuse)
Non woven fabrics
Accessories- Pocket lining, waistbands & tapes
Molitan sewing threads
Fabric lamination
Woven Fabrics - series 1000
flagship product for exclusive men/women wear
weight: 25-100 gr per m2
Knitted Fabrics - series 2000
women's knitwear
weight: 30-100 gr per sm
Non Woven Fabrics- series 3000
reinforcing parts as pockets, shoulders in
men/women/children wear
weight: 20-100 gr per sm

Fusible shirt interlining (top fuse)
soft/medium/hard finish
weight: 55-220 gr per sm
Pocket lining, Waistbands & Tapes
Constant development of advanced quality pocketing , tape designs & prints
End-to-end products
from planning to manufacture
Metal Zippers
Molitan sewing threads
Molitan company was founded 41 years ago and started operating under Haama Group ownership
4 years ago
Products are made of: 100% spun Pes Pes/Pes
Pes/Cotton core- spun Texturized Pes/Nylon
100% Cotton

Tradition of excellence
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