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Employee Journey

No description

Erik van der Gaag

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Employee Journey

TUI Nordics started with linking
the Customer Journey to employees
During the HR conference in 2014
we were inspired to raise the bar
TUI Nordic and TUI Benelux came together to
start a Journey
We added
Customer Journey and
HR systems

As the basis for an
engaging Journey

And we made...
TUI Germany, TUI UK&I and A&D joined our group and it became a global project

We added the HR vision and strategy
One TUI team of talented, spirited and genuine people delivering great employee and customer experiences
Employee Journey

1. Provide a tool which illustrates:
the Global HR Mission
2. Promoting
understanding and
of the employee journey to
customer experiences
1. Enables us to identify and fix the gaps and inconsistencies in the current HR service (set the standard)

2. Shows employees what to expect from working at TUI and vice versa

3. Shows employees their contribution to the Customer Journey through people and service (spreading smiles)
1. Allows us to develop digital solutions to promote a consistent, effortless and engaging experience

2. Creates a performance driven organisation with talented, spirited and genuine people

3. Enables people to have the freedom to shine, win together and push boundaries
1. Clearly aligns objectives to
business strategy
2. Increases employee engagement
3. Reduces unwanted retention and turnover
4. Ensures the right people are in the right roles at the right time
1. Increases TUI revenue and profit
2. Increases customer satisfaction
3. TUI becomes the top 10 employer

How / Next steps

Full integration in
HR transformation project
Systems - TUI HR digital community
Process - alignment
People - engagement & communication

Develop an app
to involve and engage people in the Employee Journey and update progress of the HR transformation project - (HR community first - Palma launch May '15)

Evolve the Employee Journey through
feedback from HR, the business and CX team

Setup a gap analysis
, select an HR maturity model and overcome the gaps
Who is the audience?

Phase 1
HR community

(how can we support the process)
Phase 2

(how can I make this work?)

(how can I deliver and what can I expect?)
Phase 3

(why do I want to work for TUI?)

What we need to be really successful

Use of Employee Journey map, acceptance, adaptation
(Top down and supported by HR)

Gap analysis per source market or sector

One Data

Clear and finished TUI organisational structure

Positive decision on acquiring Global HR system,
of launch depends on One HR system business case

CX learning and understanding - started

Cooperate with the UAM project - started

Local Gap Analysis, set up a TUI HR maturity model (gaps between now and 2018)

Set up communication pack

Launch to HR community
(asap, HR conference in May 2015)

Launch Employee Journey to business
(after launch in HR)

Thank you
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