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Life Map

No description

Jacob Mollette

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Life Map

Life Map!
1st day of school
I was 5 years old when I started school at Highland Elementary, I was sad that I had to leave home, but I got over it pretty fast! This is where I made all kinds of new friends! I enjoyed school!
My first four-wheeler!
When I turned 10 I got my first four-wheeler, I was very excited to get it! I asked my parents almost everyday for one when I got it I and loved it!
One day over the past summer I was riding my four-wheeler around some trails and it flipped! I had to go to the emergency room mainly because I couldn't really see anything after that! Everything was just blurry, So we got to the emergency room I was really worried but, it turned out I had a concussion I started feeling better that night tho and I my vision came back!
The day I was born
I was born on March 20th of 2000, I was 6 pounds 9 ounces and I was a happy baby.
When I entered the third grade I went on an awesome vacation! Me and my family went to California to visit my brother we stayed there for about a week then went home. It was a lot of fun!
Golden Gate Brige in California.
I got my first pet when I entered the 4th grade it was a cat! I named him Obey and we still have him today! He is a good cat but he stays outside most of the time!
A new pet!
When I entered the 4th grade I had my tonsils removed and it was not fun! I could not talk hardly at all and barely ate. It was awful! I absolutely hated it!!
My new dirt bike!
I got a new dirt bike when I turned 12 it was a Honda, I have had a lot of fun riding it with my friends and family on trails! I have really got some enjoyment out of it!
My favorite pet!
I recently got a new rottweiler puppy and he is amazing and is growing more and more everyday! He will be pretty big soon tho, his name is Roscoe.
Middle School!
This month I started middle school and I have enjoyed everyday of it! It has been great so far and I have really enjoyed it! I hope it stays this way the rest of the year! I have really liked middle school!
My wreck :(
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