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Honey Bee Preschool

No description

Misty Leflar

on 15 September 2018

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Transcript of Honey Bee Preschool

Honey Bee Preschool
Misty Leflar
ECE 312: Administration of Early Childhood Ed. Programs

located in the Denver Tech Center and is close to I-25 and Arapahoe road making for a safe and easy access to the program.
The Children are our Future!
making sure they are thriving and learning and safe is key!
We work with children ages 3-5 years of age.
Our classrooms are mixed between part-day AM and Pm classes with a full day options.

Part Day hours are Monday through Thursday 8:15am-11:15am for AM and 12:15pm-3:15pm for PM Classes.

Full Day hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am-3:30pm
Tuition and fees
At Honey Bee Preschool we are about community and affordability. We want all families to have the opportunity to have the full preschool experience.

There are no Registration fees. our full day tuition fee is $3000 a year our of pocket which can be broken down into smaller monthly payments. We partner with head start for those that need assistance. We also provide part C services for those children that need extra support with special needs at no cost to the family.
Belong and Thrive!

A philosophy of our a preschool program is aligned with the thought of how children learn and grow Gadzikowski, A. (2013).

our program will work with families and the community. Our program will provide and support high quality developmentally appropriate, comprehensive early childhood services that meet the social, emotional and physical and educational needs of all preschool aged children and their families.
Our program understands the need of relationships, social and emotional well being. We focus on Pyramid plus model at our school, the pyramid plus program focuses on building each of these things through our four tiered system. please see the website below to read more about it.
We follow our children's development and learning skills through our teaching strategies gold system. Teaching strategies gold is an observation based assessment system that is designed for ages 0-3 kindergarten. With an all inclusive testing system that also includes children with developmental, learning and other disabilities. This system allows us to collaborate with families to ensure a great learning experience based on each child's level.
We believe in and implement High Scope curriculum in our program. This is a child based learning curriculum that is designed to develop lesson plans around what interests the children.
Family and community is a big part of what makes our program successful. We have once a month family events that include multi cultural night, literacy night, all about preschool night. We also provide cooking classes and parenting classes as well. Our family services liaisons have a multitude of resources for families who are in need of assistance with finances, housing, clothing, food etc...
Our staff is the oil that keeps our program running smooth and helps our children grow and thrive. They are the foundation that will provide a positive school experience throughout their lives. We focus on staff recognition, our staff also has holidays off the same as our children, and we provide sick pay, comp time and PTO. Our staff all have have experience in a preschool classroom and meet the state requirements to teach in a classroom.
positivity is important!
health and wellness is crucial
At Honey Bee Preschool we also focus on health and wellness. We partner with Culture of wellness in Colorado which is a wonderful group that provided nutrition and health support for families and schools. They provide our school with physical activities for the children such as obstacle courses and games. All breakfasts and lunch is free.They also provide food for us to have food demonstrations in our classrooms so the children have the opportunity to try new and healthy foods. Check our the program at the link below.

Daily classroom schedule for part day
8:15- sign in, wash hands eat breakfast
8:45am- clean up, go potty, wash hands
8:55am- morning meeting at circle
9am- recess
9:30am- inside, wash hands circle time story
9:50am- Mr David Music therapy
10:15am- work time(play in centers)
11am- clean up and dance party
11:15-11:30- family pick up and go home.
Parent testimonial
Gadzikowski, A. (2013). Administration of early childhood education programs [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/

High scope educational research foundation. (2018). High Scope. Retrieved from

The Colorado center for social emotional competence and inclusion. (2018). Pyramid Plus.
Retrieved from http://www.pyramidplus.org/

As a parent of four boys, two of whom have a diagnosis of ASD, I can tell you my wife and I were apprehensive about the abilities of the Honey Bee staff to adequately respond to our child’s needs. I was immediately blown away when we entered the classroom. The environment was wonderfully setup. There were several different stations, all easily accessible allowing the children to play but still be apart of the larger group. There was a “cozy corner” as the staff explained, that gave children, like mine who might be in sensory overload, a place to quiet their little minds and feel safe. I was pleasantly surprised that the teacher had already read my son’s IEP and showed us how they had prepared visual cue cards to help with the daily routine. If have any experience with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) then you would understand how important routine is. My wife and I were comforted by the effort the teachers had taken and they appeared to have a plan in place to make my child’s experience as inclusive as it could be. The staff was very responsive to our concerns and put us at ease with their sense of genuine care. I couldn’t be happier with our choice!
-Steven Leflar (parent)
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