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Essential Academic Vocabulary - Chapter 11

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Stephen B

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Essential Academic Vocabulary - Chapter 11

Essential Academic Vocabulary
Chapter 11 - Psychology
understand something by reasoning;
make a logical conclusion.
develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.
a necessary base or core;
of central importance.
-in the same way
-in a like manner
-an idea or belief about something
-a sudden wish or desire
I have a blurry notion of what happened last night.

Sam has a notion to try skydiving. Let's go!
-to have something as a meaning
-to show a mark or sign
Do you have a notion about anything right now?

What is your notion of the American culture?
The word “derby” can denote a horse race or a kind of hat.
The letter "X" denotes 10 in Latin numbers.
-a serious disagreement or argument
-to not go well with something
What does a stop sign denote?

-capable of being readily changed
The new android cell phones are very modifiable. You can customize them any way you want.
Your clothes are modifiable if you know what you are doing.
What else is modifiable?

What do you wish was more modifiable?
(example: cars)
My sister's thoughts and my thoughts were conflicting.

There is a huge political conflict in Jordan.
Do you ever conflict with certain people?

What was the last conflict you had?
The man deduced his wife had been dancing because when she came home she was wearing her dancing shoes and was very tired.

Sherlock Holmes deduced mysteries by using clues from the scenes of the crimes.
What would you deduce if I said study all your vocabulary words tonight?

Can weather be deduced?
Darwin suggests, with observable data, that humans have evolved from monkeys.

Your English skills will evolve over time if you continue to practice them.
What else can evolve?

Reading is a fundamental part of your education.

The fundamental truth of life is happiness.
I am a painter. That man over there is a sculptor and likewise a painter.

Kick the soccer ball likewise. (Kicks soccer ball)
What is fundamental in your life?
-in addition

-besides (used to introduce a fresh consideration in an argument).
I do not approve of your grades, furthermore I cannot be in your club anymore.

I will not buy your cheap foam pillows, and furthermore, I ask your company to never contact me again.
My boss just gave me a week off work, furthermore ______________________________________________________________________________.
What would you say?
making (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.

The scientists revealed their discovery at the big science convention in Chicago.
The teacher may not reveal the answers to the quiz, but he or she may give hints about them.
Have you ever revealed something someone didn't want revealed? (maybe a secret?)

Would anyone be brave enough to reveal something to the class?
-the maximum amount that something can contain.

-the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.
I wonder if he has the capacity to handle this manual labor job.

Most night clubs in Zurich, Switzerland have a capacity of 500 people.
Do you have the capacity to play sports?

Do you have the capacity to get excellent grades?

What is the capacity for each room at ELS?
clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful.

confident or certain about doing something or that something will happen
I asked Suzy to marry me, but the answer was a definite no. :(

There are definite rules and regulations at ELS.

I asked my boss for a raise. He told me he didn't have a definite answer until next week.
Have you made any definite plans about the future?

What is the definite answer for 49+49?
-to put (something) where people can see it

-to show that you have (an emotion, quality, skill, etc.)

-a setting or presentation of something in open view

My mother displayed my report card on the fridge so everyone could see it.

Did you see the clothing display at Express? It looked pretty extravagant.

Society tells us to not always display our emotions openly.
How would you display your best accomplishment?

Have you ever been to a store with a really fancy or nice-looking display? Which store?

Do you display a quality about yourself every day?
-to come to attention

-the position in which someone stands, sits, lies down, etc., especially as a model for a photograph, painting, etc
Smoking cigarettes poses a threat to your health.

The difficult math equation posed a problem for many students.

The woman posed for the photographer.
What is posing a threat to the global environment right now?

Do you ever pose for a photo? What is it like?
-consist of

-be made up of
Each vocabulary quiz is comprised of 20 questions.

An army division is comprised of 5,000 troops.

Purple is comprised of blue and red.
What are you comprised of?

What is the earth comprised of?
-make (an idea, impression, or feeling) known or understandable to someone

-transport or carry to a place
The man conveyed his feelings by smashing all the computers in the school.

The underground pipe conveyed the water to the house.
What kind of message/attitude do you convey to other people?

Does each culture convey different beliefs?
Idioms used:

Hit the nail on the head
Jump on the bandwagon
subtract or take away
(an amount or part) from a total.
The teacher deducted 5 points from the student's essay for grammar mistakes.

Tax is deducted from each paycheck if you work in the United Stated.
If you deduct half of something, how much will you have left?

What bad foods should you deduct from your diet?
to produce (something)
or cause (something) to be produced
Windmills are used to generate electricity in windy areas.

When everyone works together, we can generate ideas a lot quicker.
What are other ways can we generate electricity?

Have you ever generated a good discussion because you had a good question?
-to show or reveal (something) for the public

-an object or collection of objects on public display in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.
There is a large space and ocean exhibit at COSI.

You can exhibit your best traits by acting kindly towards everyone.

I exhibited an interest in soccer when I was young.
What kind of interests do you exhibit?

Have you ever been to a really interest exhibit? Which one?
to look, feel, or behave like (something)

to produce a simulation of (something)
They simulate flights for pilots who have not previously flown planes before.

Weather teams simulate the effects of earthquakes before them happen.
Have you ever played a simulation game?

What other things do they simulate? Why do they do this?
similar in every detail; exactly alike.
Sometimes, a mother can give birth to identical twins.

Some students at ELS have almost identical cars.
Have you ever worn identical clothing with someone else on purpose?

What is the difference between an identical twin and a fraternal twin?
equal in value, amount,
function, meaning, etc.
1 USD is equivalent to about 0.75 Euros.

One hour is equivalent to 60 minutes.
What is equivalent to 52 weeks?

Is everyone treated equivalently in society?
to discover or notice the presence of (something that is hidden
or hard to see, hear, taste, etc.)
They use blood tests at hospitals to detect any diseases you may have.

A dog's nose can detect much more than a human's.
Can you detect when someone is angry or sad?

Has a hospital ever detected a problem with your health?
Hit the sack/hay
Barking up the wrong tree
belonging to the essential
nature of a thing.
Some facial expressions are intrinsic to the human race.

Most chemicals have an intrinsic energy in them.
What facial expressions do you think are intrinsic among all cultures?

make (an action or process) easy or easier.
The teacher facilitated the work of the students so they could better understand the material.

A moderator's role is to facilitate discussion by asking appropriate questions.
Have you ever facilitated anything?

What would you want facilitated in your life?
similar in some way
Every vocab class you take at ELS will be analogous.

Bad mouthing your friends is analogous to slapping them in the face. (It's just as bad)
Are soccer and math analogous?

What is analogous with physics?
to change (something) so that it is no longer true or accurate
Sarah distorted her face so much she looked angry.

My sister always distorts the truth when speaking with my mother.
Have you distorted anything today?

What are things that are sometimes good to distort?
to make (someone or something) different in some way

to see or state the difference or differences between two or more things
Can you differentiate the price of the tickets for the movies and the tickets for the soccer game?

I can't differentiate the two teams that are playing on the field right now. Their colors are too similar.
How can you differentiate between good and bad behavior?

Can you differentiate emotions of people?
something that is usual, typical, or standard.
The norm for going out on a Friday includes eating at a restaurant and going to a movie.

Eastern cultures don't have the same norms as Western cultures.
Norm is short for normal.

What is the norm for your weekend?
relating to, measuring, or measured by the quality of something rather than its quantity.
very slight or small

not very important

not included in the main part of society or of a group
an action, behavior, or condition that is different from what is usual or expected

the amount by which a single measurement differs from a fixed value such as the mean.
The qualitative results of the study showed us that pattern, size, and shape of bees vary.

If you measure something with qualitative standards, you are examining the object's descriptive pieces.
Turn to page 108.
Read the entire passage.

On a separate sheet of paper:

Answer questions 1 and 2 from page 111.
The albino gene is a significant deviation from the norm.

Having a glass of orange juice instead of coffee was a deviation from his morning routine.

What is a deviation of your normal behavior or routine?
My younger sister has only made marginal improvements on her drawing skills.

Rebels are a marginal part of society.
What is something you do only marginally?

What is qualitative about a pencil?

(What is the quality?)
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