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Untitled Prezi

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Jill Wagy

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Ready to Work Durham County Library The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians
Jill Wagy
May 17, 2013 The Job Search YOU JUST CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT A COMPUTER Give them what they want.

What do they want?

Basic Computer Classes! M

Y Hmmmmmmm
Let's ask Jill Basic Computer Training Certificate Program Durham County Library Computer Training = DCLCT What to Teach? Computer Basics
Internet & Web Basics
Introduction to Word
Introduction to Email Computer Basics Physical components of a computer
Turn it on - turn it off
Operating systems
Multitasking Introduction to the Internet History of the web
Text size
Google searching
Copying info
Identifying ads
Personal Safety
Virus Who played in the 1979 World Series?
What is the street address of the Empire State Building?
What is the state bird of Florida?
Who invented the paper clip?
What is Michelle Obama's maiden name? Introducing Online Resources Introduction to Word Selecting text
Cut, copy, paste
Undo, redo
Inserting images
Spell check You are Invited to an Open House
Join us
for a party Introduction to Email Passwords
User names
How to write an email
Organizing your email
More than one account
Contacts Evaluation Very clear?
A little confusing?
Very confusing? What did I learn? Top Ten
1. Just because it's free......
2. People just show up
3. People are desperate
4. Home computers are old
5. No good software
6. Rewards are good
7. You really need to know how to type
8. People help each other
9. Frustration is hard
10. VITAL SERVICE TO OUR COMMUNITY!!!! Change it is a coming.... Ready to Work Who is Brian and why do
I need to talk about him? Career Planning
The Job Search
The Resume
Career Networking We didn't have to ban him Top Ten - Number Two 1. Listen to feedback
2. Rewards work
3. Did I say listen?
4. Convenient time and place
5. I need help!!!!
6. Train anyone and everyone
7. Consistency
8. Advertise
9. Tracking
10. Have fun - and oh yea - listen! Social Entrepreneurial Librarians? Results
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