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The Best of Me Now

No description

Shaibal Muhtadee

on 18 July 2015

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Transcript of The Best of Me Now

Personal Narrative Abstract
Shaibal Muhtadee
1. Motivation/Problem Statement
What do I want after high school?
The Final Destination!
Thank you!
Requirements to Graduate High School
By completing this course, I learned:
about my skills and interests
about my strengths and weaknesses
what career I want to pursue
that there are multiple post-secondary pathway plans I can take
that I have to apply all of my skills to be reach the best of my ability in tough times
how to form a plan and what I need to do to achieve success
During the creation of my ePortfolio Presentation, I took into account all of my skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses. I used this information to have an accurate ePorolio which better represents me and where I want to go. I used what I knew about myself to fill out the worksheets and complete other assignments and then I would learn even more about myself in return.
After completing all the work and assignments so far in this course, utilizing sources such as myBluepint/Career Cruising, and further research about careers and myself, I have come to the conclusion that I want to continue my education after high school and go to university. The preferred university would be the University of Toronto studying to obtain a bachelor's/master's degree in mechanical engineering with a focus in architectural design so I can ultimately become a mechanical engineer or architect.
I've always wanted to go to university and study to become something prestigious. Many people strive to go to university to receive higher higher education and my goal is similar. I hope to attend the University of Toronto or some other prestigious university.
What are my education and/or career goals?
As mentioned, previously I wanted to go to university in pursuit of my dream job. I initially wanted to be a mechanical engineer but have grown to be more flexible over the years. Mechanical engineering also seemed like a great job however I can also consider similar jobs like architects and researchers.
A minimum of 30 credits
4 credits in English
3 credits in Math
2 credits in Science
1 credit in Canadian History
1 credit in Canadian Geography
1 credit in the arts
1 credit in health and physical education
1 credit in French as a second language
0.5 credit in career studies
0.5 credit in civics
3 credits from different groups
12 optional credits
Pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
A minimum of 40 community service hours, I.B. requirements are 150 hours in grades 11-12
Support to Reach My Career Goal
The universities that I want to attend were highlighted in the Exploring Educational Resources worksheet under the job of mechanical engineer stated that the 3 universities of preferred choice were the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and University of Waterloo.
My career cluster organizer also highlights the pathway to become a mechanical engineer, which requires a bachelor's degree in engineering and a professional engineering license.
Volunteering at locations relating to my career such as being the assistant manager for community events provides me with experience and this is said in the Destination Guidebook assignment.
Deciding On Where To Go
As stated in my Planning All Possible Pathways assignment, I wanted to become an engineer, architect, or researcher, but through further discovery in this course, I realized I wanted to become an architect as well since it's similar to engineering and is a creative job. I learned through the learning skill assessment that all of my 6 learning skills are strong, but certain skills are stronger than others, such as Cooperation. Cooperation is one of the key skills in engineering. It helps me communicate with my group/team to work more efficiently and finish the project at hand as soon as possible. I always get along with people very well so this quality of mine will be useful in future scenarios. I am also a kinesthetic learner which (mentioned throughout my ePortfolio) and when studying to become a mechanical engineer at university, this type of learning style will be very commonly used.
Assessments used to determine my career:
learning skills assessment in provided by this course
assessment to see what kind of learner I am
assessments in career cruising and my Blueprint
Pathway Choices

My areas of strength include collaboration,

which is a key strength needed if becoming a mechanical engineer as I will likely have to cooperate with many individuals. I also have strong independent-work ethics which will be needed in the field of engineering as you may have to work on a project alone.
Level of Resilience:
I have a level of resilience as I can stay calm in tense situations. I'm not very optimistic, but I always know that I'll get through difficult situations successfully. With the stress of studying to become an engineer, I have to stay calm and do my best to persevere. University is full of stress and deadline and my level of resilience will assist me to get through.
In the destination guidebook assignment, I had a stronger realization of my interests which were helping others, spending time with people, learning new things, etc. I also had interests of learning as I am curious. Many of these interests are satisfied while being a mechanical engineer.
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