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Global Perspectives - Component 3

No description

Emily Guerrasio

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Global Perspectives - Component 3

Is there a correlation between excelling at an instrument and being successful in academics? Perspective 1: Musical achievements lead to academic success. Any musical ability or involvement can be considered stimulating for the brain, no matter what instrument or activity. A musician's ability to focus, memorize, translate, rationalize and perform music can be transferred to other skills such as reading and math. Perspective 2: Academic success can be found without musical abilities. There will always be someone who cannot physically perform music, yet is still academically successful. Other factors such as a positive learning environment and home life can lead to high self-esteem which improves a child's ability to learn. My Perspective Musical abilities have been proven to enhance brain functions and possibly open up opportunities for a child to succeed more academically than those who do not play an instrument. I personally believe that music is very important in a child's learning and development process, but studies have shown that children can also learn and develop properly without such musical abilities, leading to a different perspective.
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