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What is health?

No description

Margaret Morrell

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of What is health?

What is health?
Mental Health
-being balanced with feelings and thoughts
What is having high mental health?
-help coping with stress
-meeting demands of daily life
-express emotions
-able to make thoughtful and responsible decisions
Physical health
-is how your body functions
Having high physical health:
-physical activity
-balanced nutrition
-good hygiene
-avoid risky things

-a sense of health and well being
-the health continuum is a sliding scale that measures health
Risky Behaviors
-actions/behaviors that can potentially threaten or harm the health of you or others; can be short or long term

Top 6 Risk Behaviors
1. tobacco
2.unhealthy diet
3. low physical activity
4. alcohol and drug abuse
5. sexual behavior
(HIV, STD, unexpected pregnancy)
6. behaviors that lead to unintential ingury and volence
(sports, texting and driving)
Health Triangle
-getting along with others
What does it mean to have high social health?
-have somewhere to seek and lend support
-communicate clearly
-show respect for self and others
Social Health
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