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DiMenna-Nyselius Library Tour

Welcome to Fairfield University's library.

Jackie Kremer

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of DiMenna-Nyselius Library Tour

Upper Level Main Level
Lower Level
24 hour
Computer Lab Circulation Desk Reference Desk Reference Collection Popular & New
Reading Curriculum Collection Reading & Study
Area Collaborative
Work Areas Instruction Classroom- Lab 114 Multimedia
Auditorium Computer Lab 115 Multimedia Collection Archives & Special
Collections Study
Area Serials Area Corrigan
Reading Room Group
Rooms Circulating Book Collection DiMenna-Nyselius
Library Around the perimeter of the upper level are five group work rooms accommodating 6 students and four rooms accommodating 12 students, equipped with fiber optic connections, wireless access and VCR/DVD players. On the upper level of the library are great work areas with tables, desks and comfy chairs.Wireless is throughout the building. Located in the stacks upstairs, is the circulating book collection. This collection contains over 350,000 circulating volumes. The busy Kelly Information Commons has 36 computers equipped with Internet access and Microsoft Office, along with printing and scanning capabilities. This area is open to the public, although students and faculty receive priority in use. Located off the left of the lobby is the Weil Cafe (open 24 hours) with vending machines for drinks and snacks. The reference collection is located on the main level of the library with a selective, wide ranging collection of 30,000 print and electronic titles. Near the circulation desk on the main level, the Curriculum Collection Room contains a selection of K-12 instructional materials to support teacher education. There are 10 collaborative work areas on the lower level, first come first serve with flat panel monitors and laptop hook ups. The multimedia auditorium has 90 seat capacity, podium, laptop connection with projection, fiber optic connections with Internet access and wireless. Over 12,000 music and film titles are located on the lower at the bottom of stairs near Center for Academic Exellence. Check out a movie or CD today. The library instruction classroom (Room 114 on lower level) has 30 computer terminals, instructor's station and multimedia projection equipment. Behind the stairs on lower level with comfy chairs and tables located on the lower level of the library. Cafe Directly inside the lobby on the right is a computer lab equipped with with Internet access and Microsoft Office, along with printing and scanning capabilities. Students can use this area 24 hours via their StagCard. Check out books, films, music and even laptops at the circulation desk, located on the main level of the library. This is where students can consult materials that are in heavy demand for their classes through Course Reserves. A librarian is available at the reference desk on the main level to assist students and patrons with their research. Welcome Browse new material or visit our rotating collection of popular books located near the circulation desk on the main level. Next to Instruction Lab 114, this 30 station computer lab with printing and scanning capabiliites is available to students via StagCard access during Library hours. Please contact the University Archivist to make use of these research and resource centers. Print journals and popular magazines are available on the lower level . Newspapers are in a separate room downstairs, across from the Instruction Lab. Bellarmiue Hall - 1942 Please visit us online at
www.fairfield.edu/library Comfy chairs, work tables and
individual carrels are available
on the main level
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