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Argumentative Speech

No description

Sarah Fox

on 2 May 2012

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Transcript of Argumentative Speech

Argumentative Speech Argumentative Speech - Uses logic, facts, and hard evidence to
back up a side of an issue

Claim- a statement that is presented as fact; it is the central

Evidence- information that shows, proves, or gives reason for making
a judgement.

Counterclaim- a statement opposing the writer's original claim

Refute/Rebuttal- disproving the validity of the counterclaim-
tells why it is the weaker argument. Parts of the speech Introduction
Support #1
Support #2
Support #3
Counterclaim and Rebuttal
Conclusion (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Introduction
attention grabber
background information
thesis statement with a CLAIM Support/Evidence #1
3 facts to explain
Use a transition to let your reader know this is your first idea Counterclaim
2 counterclaims that explain the opposite opinion
1 rebuttal that brings the listener back to your opinion Conclusion
restate thesis statement
end it with a bang! Simile, metaphor, fact, thought, a what if....etc. Support/Evidence #2
3 facts to explain
use a transition so your audience knows you are starting a new topic. Support/Evidence #3
3 facts to explain
use a transition to let your audience know you are presenting a new idea Speech tips make eye contact with your audience
speak slowly
speak clearly and loudly
use your notecards, but don't read directly off of them
use a visual aide School uniforms what is the claim?
what are the three supports/evidence?
counterclaim? Cell phone texting while driving
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