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Effect of centrifugal forces on the cell density and cell growth in smooth muscle cells during centrifugal casting

Kyle Vey's Research Proposal

Kyle Vey

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Effect of centrifugal forces on the cell density and cell growth in smooth muscle cells during centrifugal casting

Effect of centrifugal forces on the cell density and survival rate in mice 3T3 cells during centrifugal casting By Kyle Vey Purpose Tissue Engineering is an ever growing field of research. Vascular tissues are considered the "Holy Grail" of tissue engineering. Hypothetically, what if you got in an accident and needed to repair one of your arteries? What's faster? Waiting on a transplant list, or having your doctor grow a replacement organ? The goal of this experiment is to find a more efficient way to build vascular tissues. Design Cell density will be measured by calculating the ratio of live cells to dead cells in a given volume. Cell survival rate will be determined by measuring the number of viable cells compared to the unviable ones. A power drill will be fixated with custom glass tubes made from test tubes with 10 mm outer diameters. A hydrogel spun in the tube for 10 minutes will solidify at 2000 rpm, but not 1000. After spinning one hydrogel, another will be spun, infused with the cells. This process will be performed at 3 different speeds. Cells
Summer This summer I will be working with the drill at home focusing on creating three notches in the button that activates the drill. My dad will help me to basically calibrate the drill at approximately three different speeds. THE END Mice fibroblast cells will be used because they are cheap and relatively easy to work with. The specific type of cells that will be used are the 3T3 Line of cells. 1.000 mL water 1.500 mL water 2.000 mL water Is there an optimal speed the produces the ideal cell density and the best ratio of living cells to dead ones? H0= Density1750 = Density2000 = Density2250
= Surivval1750 = Survival2000 = Survival2250
The null hypothesis is that the cell density and survival of the cells are the same at all three rotational speeds.
HA= Density1750 > Density2000 = Density2250
= Survival1750 > Survival2000 = Survival2250
The alternate hypothesis is that the experimental cell density will be closer to optimal cell density and the survival of the cells will be higher at 1750 rpm than at the other two spin speeds.
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