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Welcome to back to school night

No description

megan lang

on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to back to school night

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Complete all class work on time

Art enables to find ourselves and lose ourselves and the same time
We are currently working with colored pencils. Learning proper blending and shading techniques

Students will learn to be creative all while learning, understanding and making connections within and outside the classroom
(in class projects
Nothing is a surprise...

Students are told what is expected
Shown examples
Told how they will be graded
All art work is graded by a rubric
Rubric is based on:
Carefully and neatly done
Use of elements and principles
Growth as an artist
Currently teach in all three-buildings
Best way to contact me is through email @

Me :)

Back to school night 2016-2017
Ms. Lang

100% effort and always have fun
Students must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner
Be an active learner
Be respectful to others
A student once told me
"Art makes you think"
Students were asked to purchase a sketchbook
Homework is given on Monday...due on Friday
I always accept late homework ( no matter how late)
We also do "Do Now's" where students give their own answers and opinions on an activity we do at the start of class .

I like to encourage that their sketchbooks are their own space

I anticipate a great school year with each and every student
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