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Nancie Atwell: Writing Workshop

No description

Sherry Baker

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Nancie Atwell: Writing Workshop

Nancie Atwell: Writing Workshop
By Sherry Baker

Background Information
* Teacher for 40 years
* Only teacher to be awarded the M.L.A.’s Mina Shaughnessy Prize and NCTE’s David Russell Award for distinguished research
*Founded the demonstration school, Center for Teaching and Learning in 1990
*Author of several books including:
In the Middle
Lessons That Change Writers
In The Middle
Writers' Workshop: 7 Basic Principles
Writers need regular chunks of time to write
Writers need to choose their own topics
Writers need helpful feedback during the writing process
Writers learn the mechanics in context
Teachers need to be writers with their students
Writers need to read
Writing teachers need to take responsibility for their own learning
Writer's Workshop
Nancie Atwell's ideas of writer's workshop include:
Mini lessons that address conventions for writing, voice, organization, etc. Mini lesson ideas are available in Nancie Atwell's book:
Lessons That Change Writers
Teacher and peer conferencing with students
Student and teacher evaluation of writing
Student Choice
Some critics disagree with Nancie Atwell's views on the importance of letting students choose what they read and write about. Watch this video where she discusses her views.

Special Education & ELL
Using this approach, all students are able to engage in writing at their own level. Their learning is supported with the mini lessons and the individual conferences with the teacher.
Center for Teaching and Learning
K-8 non-profit demonstration school
The goal of this school to provide an environment that gives the students a chance to engage in authentic learning activities
Reading and Writing
Reading journals are a great way for students to be engaged in writing in response to the their reading
Letter writing to the teacher about the books they are reading is another way to make a reading writing connection
Lessons That Change Writers
Sample Lessons from the book:

Your Writing Assignment

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