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The History of Natural Hair

No description

Serena Boykin

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of The History of Natural Hair

The History of Natural Hair
Black Panthers
The Black Panthers movement was created and merged with the civil rights movement. Over 50% of its members were women. Kathleen Cleaver called it "the return of black liberation". Angela Davis was a radical leader and a college student. Often arrested by police for demonstrations & meetings.
Natural Hair peeks and dissipatesin the 70's
Woman like Pam Grier (Foxy Brown) and Diana Ross were well known for proudly wearing their afros in movies and music videos. Afros eventually became a target for ridicule and perms/relaxers were created.

Representation in the Media
Eurocentric beauty standards ruled the media, and advertisements often encouraged African Americans to bleach their skin and straighten their hair to achieve a more Caucasian look.
Perm sales rapidly decrease, natural hair industry rises
Perm sales have been rapidly decreasing since the beginning of the modern hair movement. The natural hair industry is worth over $774 million dollars.
The Movement Continues
Every day, more women and young girls are encouraged to go natural. The movement is continuing to grow.
Natural hair media figures spark a modern "natural hair movement"
Examples of Youtubers who have influenced this movement:
Early 2000's -Present
In the early 2000's, natural hair started making a come back. When YouTube was created, many African American women took to this platform to document & share their "natural hair journey"
Natural hair in the 60's
During the mid-to late 60's the civil rights movement was occurring. African Americans were fighting for their rights in the United States.
Serena Boykin
Angela Davis
Kathleen Cleaver
Jheri Curls and Braids become more popular in the late 80's-90's
Whitney white @naptural85
Lisette @Luhhsettyxo
Kim @thechicnatural
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