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The Wonders of Peru

Spanish Collateral Mr. Castillo Band 4 THHS

Shuayb Siddique

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of The Wonders of Peru

The Wonders of Peru
Shuayb Siddique, Neeram Lekha, Anmol Singh, Farhad Rasool, Alexander Lukasik
Motto: “Firm and Happy for the Union”
Capital: Lima
President: Ollanta Humala
Ethnicities: Amerindian, Mestizo, and White
Population: ≈30,814,175
Manú and Huascarán National Parks
Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines
Welcome to Peru . . .
In terms of American dollars, the cost of a round-trip flight from New York (JFK) to Lima, Peru (LIM) is $1,400. In Peruvian Nuevo Soles (Peruvian Currency), that's PEN (S/.) 4,150
How Much Does it Cost to Get to Peru?
During December to February,
enjoy summertime temperatures ranging from 77°F to 90°F.
However, there is rarely any rain
at this
time, making for dry days.
From May to November, you can
sit back
at the beach at milder temperatures from 54°F to 68°F and watch the mist on the surf.
During this season,swimming is not advised to those who can't handle the cold waters.
Coastal Weather
Where in the World?
Peru is located on the west
coast of South America
It is bordered by 5 different
Incredibly diverse country
Amazing weather and warm climate
Delicious gotta-have foods
Home to nice and kind-hearted people
(Eg.: Señor Castillo)
Why Peru?
Positives Negatives
You may never want to leave once you arrive.
From April to October is the dry season with temperatures ranging from 35°F to 65°F.
However, during May you can take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery, sparkling streams, flowers in full bloom, and magnificent weather.
Take a hike or have a picnic gazing in wonder at this beautiful sight. Try going to visit Machu Picchu, the remains of an ancient civilization located high up in the mountains.
If you're at the mountains . . .
From April to October is the dry season with temperatures ranging from 85°F to 95°F.
However, cold fronts can bring the temperatures down to as low as 55°F.
This is the best time to visit the Peruvian jungles because you can sneak up on our cuddly jaguars without getting bitten by as many mosquitoes as usual.
In the jungles . . .
The Fiesta de La Cruz is celebrated all across Peru with folk music and scissor dancers.
El Senor de Los Milagros, the largest procession in South America, is a religious march lasting for a whole 24 hours!
Virgen del Carmen en Paucartambo is Peru's wildest festival with 3 days of revelry including drinking, dancing and scary costumes.
Come and enjoy our festivals!
Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan
civilization well-preserved
at the peaks of the mountains.
Huacachina, a small lake surrounded
by sand
dunes that you can buggy over.
the Titicacan islands, boats made of reeds that the Uro people live on.
the Colca Canyon whose depths are almost twice as deep as those of
Grand Canyon. Come experiene what real beauty is with the Andean Condor who never leaves a tourist behind.
Come and visit . . .
These incredible works of art were created by the original Nazca people.
They dug trenches into the ground for different purposes, such as irrigation.
As they dug their way to success they decided to make figures of the animals native to their region, like birds, fish, llamas, jaguars, monkeys,and even humans.
Come check out the craftsmanship and expertise put into these designs with an aerial view in a chopper or biplane.
Explore the Nazca Lines . . .
Soccer, or fútbol in Spanish, is a very important part of the Peruvian culture. In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Peru's team placed 42nd in the world, an astonishing feat for its small population.
Volleyball, footraces, horse races, tennis games, and bowling matches are also some of the normally played Peruvian games.
There are a few uncommon, yet quite interesting Peruvian sports you may enjoy viewing, such as bullfighting and cockfighting.
trekking or hiking
horseback riding
scuba diving
Don't wait any longer, join the fun!
If you're bored, you can go . . .
Come join us, whether you're
playing sports
enjoying a festival
fighting through a jungle
visiting our natural wonders
taking a late-night beach stroll
just practicing your Spanish!
Don't wait any longer, come join the fun!
So, why not visit Peru?
Lomo Saltado
Meat, onions, tomatoes, aji chili cooked in a wok with fried potatoes and rice
Meat on a stick cooked with a sauce over the grill
cooked in a Huancaina sauce
Chicha Morada
purple corn drink
Tacu Tacu
stir fried rice, beans, bacon, onions and spices that make up a thick pancake
Served as a meal or with steak, fried bananas, and fried eggs
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