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Supporting Life

No description

Chloe Madding

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Supporting Life

What does "accommodations" mean?
What is needed for life to exist on earth?
Source of energy (Sun)
Liquid water
Atmosphere also protects us from: meteoroids, *ultraviolet light, and other harmful things.
What is the proximity of the sun?
What does "Elliptical" mean?
It means not as round as a circle, but more like an oval shape.
*What is "Ultraviolet light"?
It harms you; causes sunburns.
What they need.
What *accommodations are needed for manned space exploration?
They must bring their environments & life support systems.
They must rely on their spacecraft & spacesuit to shield them from dangerous solar radiation & solar particles and pressure.
Air circulation systems.
They NEED communication devices (radios)
Supporting Life
the proximity of the sun is 93 million miles away from us.But this is not completely accurate because we go in a *elliptical circle.
What is a micro habitat?
A habitat of small or limited extent & which differs in characters from some surrounding more extensive habitat.
What about Mars?
The proximity between the sun and Mars is 227,940,000 miles.
What about Mars?
Mars has a source of energy that isn't too far away- the Sun.
However, it does not have liquid water. We could bring solid water, as well as liquid water in a shuttle.
It doesn't have nourishment at the moment, but we could bring life forms on a shuttle as well. We could send plants and humans.
It does have a atmosphere, it contains 95.3% carbon dioxide, and 2.7% nitrogen. However, it is very thin, about 100 times thinner than earth's.
What about Mars?
If we made a facility similar to a greenhouse and bring plants for Oxygen, organisms would be able to survive. We would also bring: soil (so they can grow), seeds (so we can plant more food), and certain animals (so they can adapt and hopefully, repopulate).
What is a dichotomous key?
A dichotomous key is a series of paired descriptions that will help you identify an unknown organism. It is set up like a table, and is simple, and easy to use.
1a: long stem cherry
1b: short stem go to 2

2a: smooth surface apple
2b: not smooth go to 3

3a: rough surface orange
3b: fuzzy surface peach
How does this relate to Mars?
You would need a dichotomous key if there is life on Mars, but we don't know what it is.
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