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Who’s Still Standing--Question Competition

No description

Lan Xiao

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Who’s Still Standing--Question Competition

Who’s Still Standing--Question Competition
Presented by Lance, Sue, Ariel

Ariel, Sue and Lance
Run a business
Question Competition called Who’s Still Standing that is a TV show in China.
First step focused on location and audiences.

I.The Physical:
I. Target Audiences
II. How to maximize the profit for place locating?
III.What kind of things should consider attracting audiences?
Focused on the level of audience accomplishing questions that require knowledge to answer.

Including high school, university students and those who are interested in learning knowledge or special questions.

Unlike other TV show, which paid more attention on dating groups, job searchers etc., this competition, focuses on the brainstorm.
An accessible plan, rents a studio, at a famous TV station, obtains higher audience rating.

Located on a place accessible to audiences easily, in a downtown where is convenient to take bus, subway or taxi.

In addition, investing in constructing a parking lot is necessary.

Place should be around many facilities including restaurants, shopping malls and movie theaters.

Therefore, they choose the Hunan TV station where is located in a metropolitan area.

Advertising is the best choice.

TV, newspaper, internet social stage, such as presenting videos through. YouTube, sharing link page through Facebook, Twitter.

Registration to competitors should be located in the square of downtown.

II. The Emotion
After physical goals of holding the competition completed, Ariel, Sue and Lance focused on Rule's Setting. It is a challenging. However, find sponsors and raise prizes is more difficult.
Find Sponsors but they are willing to only provide product prizes.
Business parners hold a meeting, Ariel and Sue are strongly arguing about the Pros and Cons of money and goods prizes.
They are quarreling about about which way they will choose?
1. Easily provided by sponsors.

2. Some goods are valuable and exclusively provided sponsors.

3. Tied to sponsors, which is a good way of advertising for sponsors. They could provide enough funding.

4. Develop good relationship with
sponsor companions.
1. Feasible and useful for audiences. i.e.: Purchase any goods in the needs of audiences.

2. More attractive for audiences.

3. A strategic to get more competitors and improve audience rating.

1. Unattractive and unpractical, some audiences may have these prizes.

2. If it is a trip, have to negotiate with multiple companies for one prizes. Such as plane tickets, restaurants’ cooperation.
1.Difficultly raised, a few sponsors would like to provide money prizes.

2.More difficult to get advertising.

Summary: they choose the way that combine goods with money prizes.
Why do they choose this way?

Win-win Situation

Sign contracts,sponsors provide goods prizes and funding, they provide the sponsors with brand advertisement.

Business partners will raise the rest of the money from other advertising profits and organization.

Prizes system is attractive
III. The Circumstantial
Which choice is better?
During the competition, an audience accidentally fell down in the studio. Shouted out that he was going to sue partners in court. Whereas,
partners had to pay him with fifty thousand dollars.
Ariel, Sue and Lance held an emergency meeting immediately. Settle it out of court or not?

Settle out of Court.
Settle in court may causes:
Lose-lose situation.

Sponsor lose advertising revenues.

TV Shows, Business Partners and TV Station lose reputation and audience rating.

Waste of time.

Take risks of losing the case and support of sponsor companies
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