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Sport Relief

No description

Shania Sohota

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Sport Relief

Thank you for listening and please sponsor us!

Celebrities and Singles
Need to add text for stuff about celebrities and singles.
Comic Relief
Comic Relief is similar to Sport Relief. However, instead of doing sport related activities you make people laugh by doing entertaining events. Comic relief is more commonly known as Red Nose Day.
Sport Relief
By 8x

What we are doing ?
How you can help !
Help charities by either raising money or volunteering to help them
Buy a red nose and the money will go to charities
Take part in an activity and raise money
How did it originate
what does it do?
2002 - Elton John did a re-do of his classic track "Your Song" Altogether we raised £14.4 million.
2006 - 370 celebrities and 420,000 people took part in the Sainsburys sport relief mile. They raised £18 million.
2012 - David Walliams swam 140 miles in 8 days. Freddie Flintoff broke 14 world records and altogether they raised £67,977,824 !!! THAT''S A LOT !!!

What is Sport relief ?

Sport relief is when people do sport-related activities to help raise money for their chosen charity. This year sport relief will be taking place on the 21st to the 23rd of March. Sport relief raises money for those who deserve better lives.
Sport relief began in March 2002. It was first created to be a special edition show. After watching this show, many people thought it was a good idea to raise money for sport relief.
8x are doing a walk in pajamas in order to help Sport Relief. We would really appreciate if you sponsor us !!
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