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No description

Leeah Gunneson

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Dance

Originated in 543 BCE
First started in Italian Renaissance
Then spread to France where it developed more
Used to be for healing
Used for expression
Originated by Italians in 15th and 16th century
Main base to all dance genres
Requires years of training and mastering
Contains many practice to be proficient
Russian Ballet
French Ballet
Italian Ballet
contemporary ballet
neoclassical ballet
Classical Ballet
Traditional Ballet
Vocabulary- French
Russian, French and Italian, related in some way
A mix between classical and modern
Usually barefoot
Usually includes acting and facial expressions
1950s by African Americans
Two types: Original Jazz and Modern Jazz
1950 modern jazz was created- roots from Caribbean traditional dance
There are many different styles of dance
Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop, Tap,Pointe
Dance is the movement of your body, often rhythmic and to music
Usually tells a story
Sometimes used for Culture purposes
Different Styles of Ballet
Contemporary ballet
Neoclassic Ballet
Classic Ballet technique and vocabulary
Fast tempos and non-traditional technical features
First appiled as a style of dance in World War 1
Alongside of jazz music in New Orleans in the 1900s
In early 1930s and 1960s jazz transformed into a thearte based proformance
Today, choreographers influce jazz to become a highly trained dancer
Different Styles:
Traditional jazz
Modern jazz
Traditional Jazz
created in 1950s by African Americans
danced to jazz music in New Oreleans
often refurred to tap dance, because of the jazz music
diverse range of social and culture styles

Modern Jazz
Caribbean tradtional dance, made into a perofmring arts style
dance invloved Broadway styles
tap dancing broke off into its own style; new style jazz was smooth
Also known as musical threate, still taught today
Is a free, open-minded, unstuctured moves
An important element of early jazz
usually focused to find a deeper way of telling the story
using more facial expressions and emotion
refers to street dance
up-beat music
popping and locking
sometimes called "new style"
late 1960 early 1970- began in the The Bronx, New York
a dance form meant to be popular in a orgianl sense of world - for the people not the acadamy
music and movement came together to be new art
Different Types
East Coast hiphop
West Coast hiphop
American Hiphop
East Coast Hiphop
orginated in New York City
MCing (rapping
b-boying (dancing)
sounds of taping shoes
striking the floor as a percussion
can make different sounds with the shoes
different moves make different sounds
the shoe has a metal "tap" on the heel and toe
different show brands give a different sound
began in mid 1800's
has roots of Irish Step-dance
mix between acting and dance
many broadway shows including tap dancing
movies inclduing tap dacning such as
Happy Feet
part of classical ballet
preformed on pointe shoes
men and women are capable
usually preformed by women
takes many years of classical ballet before pointe is preformed
needed strength and technique to preform point
Taining and Requirements
usuallly start at age 11
bones in feet are often too soft at earlier ages
must have a good turn out and ballet position
must need strength in ankles,feet, and legs
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