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on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Lawyer

What or Who They Work With:
Lawyers work with other people in court such as judges, police officers, and clients. Clients are people that ask the lawyer to help them understand the law, or win an argument in the court. Many lawyers have helpers that work with them in the office.
Related School Subjects:
• English
• Social Studies
• Public Speaking (Forensics) classes in high school
• Reading
• Writing
Lawyers give people advice to help them learn what they can and can not do according to the law. Some lawyers speak in courts but many do not. Lawyers must know the laws of the state.
• Interview people
• Do research to find out facts
• Write legal documents like contracts and wills
Education and Training:
• Bachelor's Degree is usually required.
• Lawyers also have a degree called "Juris Doctorate" which means "Doctor of Law".
• All lawyers need a license from the state in which they want to work. To get a license, people must pass a test called the bar examination. Even after they start working, lawyers need to keep learning about changes in the law. Most States make lawyers take classes from time to time.
Similar Jobs:
Criminal Investigator and Special Agent
Law Clerk
Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Where and When:
Lawyers work in offices, law libraries, and courtrooms. They sometimes meet in clients' homes or businesses. Some lawyers meet clients in hospitals or prisons. Lawyers often work long hours, especially during a trial in court.
By Gabriella Brady
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