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The Three Emperors League ( Drekaiserbund ) -1873

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ChiWen Chang

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of The Three Emperors League ( Drekaiserbund ) -1873

Drekaiserbund 1873 THE THREE EMPERORS LEAGUE Germany: Kaiser Wilhem I
Austria-Hungary: Franz Joseph
Russia: Czar Alexander II -Maintain the existing territorial arrangements in Europe

-Resist the spread of revolution (socialist movements)

-Consult one another if any international difficulties appeared Terms of the Alliance: German Aims: Isolate France by becoming allies with Russia & Austria-Hungary
Neutralize rivalry between the 2 German neighbouring countries
Prevent Franco-Russian Alliance Rivalry between Austria-Hungary & Russia- both wanted to dominate Balkan Penninsula & Balakans STRENGTHS &
WEAKNESSES: United 3 major European powers- ensured cooperation No military terms in the treaty- Austria refused to agree to any MAP The Renewal of
1881 Bismarck still wanted Russia as an ally after signing the Dual Alliance (1879) with Austria-Hungary
Czar Alexander III wanted to continue the Dreikaserbund of 1873 to contain revolutionary movements
Russia was worried by her diplomatic isolation so she decided to re-establish relations with Germany & Austria-Hungary The Balkans were to be divided into 2 spheres of influence. Western (Bosnia & Herzegovina) to Austria and Eastern (Bulgaria) to Russia
The 3 Emperors decided to consult each other if another Balkan Crisis were to occur
Benevolent neutrality if one of them found themself at war with another power Terms of the
Second League: Before the Russo-Turkish war, Russia promised Austria-Hungary that she would not create a big Bulgaria if Russia won, however once the Turkish surrendered the treaty still proposed a big Bulgaria.
Austria-Hungary was furious that Russia broke her promise
1878: Congress of Berlin, Bismarck suggested Bulgaria be split into 3, Russia was discontent and left the Dreikaiserbund WHY did the the Dreikaiserbund (1) fail? Austria & Russia once again had political conflict over matters of the Balkan Penninsula & Bulgaria which had not been properly settled before
The alliance had never been very stable WHY did the 2nd Emperors League fail?
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