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The Night Circus

No description

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of The Night Circus

by Erin Morgenstern
Situational Archetypes
The Test
The two main characters of this novel are competing in something called "the challenge". A competition of magical skill that . The only way to win the challenge is by completely eliminating the other opponent. "The Test" in this case is to come out of the challenge with both people alive.
The Journey
The Circus travels all over the world on a magical train so not only are they literally on a journey but the characters are developing along the way. During this time you see Celia and Marco's relationship go from non existent to competitors to lovers.
Setting Archetypes
The Garden
The Garden is a place where things are cultivated in this novel it is the "Ice Garden" a place where Celia starts appreciate and love Marco's work and him.
Character Archetypes pt.1
the Hero
Celia Bowen: She is the hero in this novel. She is the one that figures out how to save both her and Marco and the rest of Le Cirque des Reves. She is a strong realistic character that just so happens to be an illusionist.
the Introvert
Marco Alisdair: he is smart and has many layers and rarely show his true self like the typical introvert. He is also Celia Bowen's(the hero) couterpart in the competition.
Character Archetypes pt.2
Mother Figure
Tsukiko: She comforts and guides Celia when needed and provides some good advice regarding the challenge. She also knows Marco's mentor in the challenge.
Prospero/ Hector Bowen: He is Celia's father and mentor. However he tries to trick her into sabotaging the circus and point her in the wrong direction on the moral compass.
Character Archetypes pt.3
the Innocent
Bailey Clarke: He is the friend of Poppet and Widget Murray and the one that basically saves the circus with his innocence and determination.
the Seer
Poppet/Penelope Murray: She can tell the future by looking into the stars. She is also the one who guides Bailey to his destiny.
Red: love: color the supporters of the circus wear
Sleep: dreams are often what motivate the characters into action
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