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Desdemona's Diary

No description

Ciara Favors

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Desdemona's Diary

Dear Diary,
Tonight my father is hosted a dinner party, of course I went because my father made me and maybe I will find Mr. right. While I was at the party, I searched and searched but couldn't find any guy that interest me... I know i sound thirsty but i am not getting any younger. So, towards the middle of the party, my father introduced me to this guy named Othello. I was surprised my father introduced him to me because he doesn't approve guys having interest in me. I found out that Othello is a Moor. My night turned from bad to great. We got to know each other and shockingly we had a lot in common. Was this love at first sight? We decided to run away and get married. I felt bad because I didn't tell my father that I got married. Eventually, my father found out because he was highly upset with me but my father have to realize that this is my life, my choice and my husband. I just wish my father could be happy with my decision.
Diary Entry 1: Act 1
Diary Entry 3: Act 3
Dear Diary,
This morning, I woke up to music being played outside my room. I knew Othello didn't plan this from the look on his face. Othello told the servant to make them leave immediately. While i was minding my own business, Emilia told me there was someone here to see me and guess who it was... Cassio! I wasn't going to be rude and tell him to leave so I decided to say see what he had to say. We talked about the incident that happened at the celebration. When Othello and Iago entered the room, Cassio had a weird facial expression of embarrassment and quickly left the room.
I wonder if Othello still loves me. Othello has been very distant and quiet when I am around and I honestly don't know why. Was it because he saw me talking to Cassio? I don't know what to think anymore. He stares at me like he is looking at my soul, it's strange. I think he hates me.
I just sent a message to Cassio telling him that I spoke to Othello for him. After that, I went to Emilia asking her about my handkerchief. Othello came into the room asking for my hand... I noticed that he have been having sex because his are moist... but with who? He asked me for the handkerchief then explained that how it was a gift from an egyptian and how it shows the loyalty of her husband. I told him that I didn't have it and contiuned talking about Cassio. I don't know what Othello's problem is but he left the room mad. Iago and Cassio came to ask me for my help. Emilia told me that she thinks that Othello is jealous but I really doubt it. I'm so confused...
Diary Entry 4: Act 4
Dear Diary,
I got a letter from Lodovico stating "Othello back to Venice." I wasn't really happy that he was gone but I was glad that I didn't have to put up with his strange behavior for awhile. I am really getting upset with him because it's like I'm being punished for no reason. I wonder why Othello want me to be sent to the chambers. I told Emilia that I think Othello wants to kill me... I don't know why but I have that feeling and to top it off, he wants my body wrapped in my wedding sheets. Emilia then had the nerve to say that my marriage might have been a mistake but I ignored her comment. I had to ask her if she would cheat on her husband. After our little talk, I went and got ready for bed. I hope he doesn't try to kill me my sleep...

Diary Entry 2: Act 2
Dear Diary,
So far, today has been the worst day of my life because my handkerchief came up missing. It was a medium-length cloth with strawberries around the border. This isn't the main reason why today was bad. The main reason why today was bad was because my loving husband Othello called me a whore in public. I am totally shocked and confused on Othello's behavior, this isn't like him at all. He really made me mad with his remark but I still love him.
I wonder why Roderigo and Cassio fought. Maybe Cassio has a drinking problem because at the celebration, he looked drunk. Othello got out of the bed and stopped the fight. After the fight was over, he came back to the room without saying a word and went to sleep. Something is up.....
By: Ciara Favors
Desdemona's Diary
Diary Entry 5: Act 5
Dear Diary,
Othello came into the room and told me to pray because he doesn't want to kill my soul. I know that I am about to die but I tried talking to him calmly, getting him to let me a little longer but that didn't work. He got the pillow and smothers me. He thought I was dead but I wasn't so he continued to smothers me. Othello hides the bed and opened the door for Emilia. I wasn't dead but slowly going to the light and I mumbled "FALSELY MURDERED".....................
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