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Classification of Matter

No description

Sofia de la Garza

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Classification of Matter

By: Dalana González #10, Sofía de la Garza #6, Elsie Decrescenzo #7, Antonio Elizondo #8 and Cristy Garza #9 9E
Classification of Matter
Is everything that has mass and takes up space. Its three states are solid, liquid or gas.
Substance is: a species of matter of definite chemical composition, can be seperated by chemical means.

All compounds are substances but not all substances are compounds since pure elements are also chemical substances.
A substance made up of
atoms with the same atomic number
Homogeneous is a mixture where the components that make up the mixture are uniformly distributed through out the mixture. These mixtures only have one phase.
Ex: Lead, Sodium, titanium and mercury

Examples: sand, and soil
Matter with variable composition made from two or more substances, can be separated int a pure substance by physical methods.
It is a mixture where components are not uniform or have localized regions with the different properties.
It has different phases.
A substance made from two or more elements, chemically combined.
Ex: Carbon Dioxide, water, salt
Examples: salad, oil and water, chicken noodle soup, etc.
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