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Careers in Chemistry

No description

Alex Martinez

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Careers in Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Science Writer
Describe discoveries in all branches of science.
Interview experts about scientific discoveries.
Make scientific bulletins; technical procedure manuals; press releases; advertisements, and other documents.
Work for newspapers & magazines.
Are in offices, but travel.
journalists begin at small newspapers, with a salary around $40,000/year. As they gain experience and move to science writing jobs at large newspapers, their salary will increase, going over $80,000/year.
Medicinal Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry
Working Conditions
Medicinal chemists work in labs, mostly in universities. Each lab is different from one another, depending on what process is going on. They also work with teams of biologists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, and other scientists to complete their work if specific skills are required.
Forensic Chemistry
You need to be in school for 6 years.
It requires a bachelor's degree in chemistry.
Their salary is between $39,741 - $63, 187 per year.
What you need:
Personal integrity, good speaking skills, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to write and understand scientific report.

They work in laboratory settings.
They often stand or sit for long periods of time. They use highly technical equipment. They run test on samples collected by investigators. They analyze non biological trace evidence found at crime scenes in order to identify unknown materials and match samples to known substances. They document their findings and write reports that are used to support criminal investigations.

They work to find treatments of diseases, develop guidelines for pharmaceutical companies and the F.D.A., and work to find precise dosage amounts for medication.
What you need to be a medicinal chemist: an open mind, good reading, writing, and communication skills. As far as academics, advanced chemist jobs required a Ph.D. while research technicians only require a B.S. prior chemistry classes, and lab experience.

How much do medicinal chemists get paid?
Minimum: $42,150
Salary: Average: $71,990
Salaries can be as high as the hundred thousands
Careers in Chemistry
By Nancy Hernandez, Katherine Marikos, Alexander Martinez, Jordi Pedroza, Adriana Salazar, Sabrina Valcin
Medicinal chemistry is defined as application of chemical research techniques to the synthesis of pharmaceuticals
Pulp and Paper Chemistry
What are Polymers?
-Polymers are large molecules made of repeating smaller units called monomers.

-Rubber, chitin, starch, cellulose, protein, nylon, polyester, and silicone are just a few examples of polymers.

What do polymer chemists do?
-Polymer chemists develop, study, and test polymers to use for manufacturing and creating products.
-Working conditions mostly include laboratories researching various polymers.

The average pay of a polymer chemist is around $60,000 a year. But can range from $50,000 to $100,000.



-B.S. in chemical engineering or B.S. in chemistry.
-Graduate schools of paper technology have a higher graduate placement than other degrees

What are Chemical Engineers?
Chemical engineering is the engineering concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machines and plants that perform chemical reactions to solve practical problems or make useful products.
What do Chemical Engineers do?
Chemical Engineers develop atomic science, polymers, paper, dyes, drugs, plastics, fertilizers, foods, and petrochemicals
They devise ways to make products from raw materials and ways to convert one material into another useful form.
Chemical engineers can make processes more cost effective or more environmentally friendly or more efficient.
Educational requirements-
At minimum you must have a bachelor degree in engineering and chemistry
- $50,000-$120,000 a year

Polymer Chemistry
- to improve the efficiency and reducing environmental impact of the industrial paper making process
-improve the quality of paper products in manufactured products
Range from $66,000-$90,000
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