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UGA Taiwan Public Health Maymester

No description

GoAbroad UGA

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of UGA Taiwan Public Health Maymester

UGA Public Health Maymester in Taiwan
A Beautiful Formosa Island

Taiwan Touch Your Heart
-Beautiful Scenery/Islands
6 Credits
HPRB 4000/7170- Public Health & Aging
Introduces Taiwan's Public Health System
- Issues
-Explores Taiwan's Aging Society
- Visit Taiwan's CDC, DOH, Senior Centers, Hospitals
Why Not Taiwan?
One of the Most Affordable UGA Study Abroad Programs
HPRB 5160/7160/8000- Special Topic: Culture & Health in Taiwan
Examine Relationship Between Culture Variables and Healthcare
Practices & Behaviors

- Explore how cultural lifestyle, folk healthcare, alternative
therapy, community health, & the healthcare system
influence the health in Taiwan's society & communities

Receive 6 Core Credits for HPRB Majors
Multiple Cultural Excursions
Amazing Resume Builder
Amazing Professors
Gain Actual Public Health Experience in a Different Culture
-Very Exciting Nightlife
-Great Public Health Care System
-Tasty Food
Visit CDC-Taipei, Taipei 101, & the Northern TW

National Center for Traditional Arts & Culture

Partake in a traditional Taiwan Tea Ceremony

Roam & Shop in the Taiwan Night Market

Immerse & Retreat in the Beautiful Sun-Moon
Lake Area


Students will have the opportunity to explore each aspect of Taiwan!!!
Whats Included in the Program Fee?
Whats Not Included in the Program Fee?
-Tuition and Fees (HOPE does apply)
-Spending Money

Credits count towards UGA’s Global Health & Gerontology Certificates

Language partners” & “Joint classes with TW students
Program Director: Dr. Su-I Hou (shou@uga.edu)

Our FB site:
Cost Comparison
Welcome to Taiwan!
Fan Dance/Tai-Chi in the Park with Seniors
-Amazing Nature and Coastline
“Traditional Tea Ceremony”
“Paper Umbrella Painting @ the Cultural Village”
“Delicious Food!!”
“Immerse & Retreat @ Sun-Moon Lake Area”

“Taiwan Coastline & Pacific Ocean”
“Hand-Made Dumplings & Chinese Herbal Cooking”
“National Traditional Center for Arts & Culture”

“Exploring at an Eco-Park”

Double Occupancy Room with 2-3 Meals a Day (2 wks)

Local Transportation (2 wks)

Weekend & Weekday Field Trips

All Program Activities (Tea ceremony / cooking classes /

NewStart Lifestyle Program, etc.)

Multiple University Campuses & Hospital Visits

All Guest Speakers

Travel & Medical Insurance
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