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Second Grade

No description

Nicole Lemay

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Second Grade

Being a Leader
Research and Studies
Bandura's two-company study
1. Enron - measured basic abilities in employees and admin, company didn't learn or grow from mistakes, CEO refused to admit deficiencies or work on self-correcting,
2. Wurtzel - management skills perfected with practice, used feedback and changed strategies, believed that leaders work best in teams rather than alone, had discussions and debates with employees to find solutions
Leaders in Action
Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric
- collaborated directly with workers, a guide rather than a judge
- "True self-confidence is the courage to be open, to welcome change and new ideas regardless of the source."

Lou Gerstner, CEO of IBM
- open communication, teamwork
- "Hierarchy means little to me; let's put together people who can help solve a problem, regardless of position."

Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox
- worried about morale of employees
- "The thousands of IBM workers who never gave up on their company...are the real heroes of the reinvention of IBM."
A Leader's Mindset
Point of view
Work together
More voice
Be yourself
Make a difference
Good listener
Second Grade
Business: Mindset and Leadership
Fixed on power
Personal gains
Hold people back
Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset
Kid President asks, "What makes an awesome leader?"
Collins' 5-year study
Analysis found that fixed mindset companies didn't grow or didn't sustain their growth. Companies led by people with growth mindsets saw growth because of a belief in human development and improvement rather than pride in intelligence.

CEOs of the Classroom
Fixed mindset teachers
- Ego-centered
- Focused on teacher's wants
- Dictatorship-type hierarchy

Growth mindset teachers
- Child-centered
- Focused on student growth and achievement
- Teamwork and collaborative learning
Group Study
90 people, half fixed half growth

- Fixed mindset believed "people have a certain fixed amount of management ability and they can't do much to change", concerned about who is 'smart or dumb'
- Growth mindset believed "people can always substantially change their basic skills for managing other people", concerned about sharing thoughts and ideas
- Performance: growth mindset groups outperformed fixed mindset groups in decision-making and leadership skills
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