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Jewish Fatih: Major Beliefs and Holy Holidays

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Kaliyah Bullock

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Jewish Fatih: Major Beliefs and Holy Holidays

Jewish Faith: Major Beliefs and Holy Holidays Major Beliefs: One of the beliefs was the their is one all-powerful god, and God created the universe and rules over it. Major Beliefs: Their Holy Book was the Torah. The Torah was the recorded events and laws, and was the Jews most sacred text. It included the first five books of the Holy Bible. Major Beliefs: The Jews believe that one day Messiah will unite the people and bring peace and harmony to the World.

Messiah: A savior of a group of people. (example: Christains-Jesus) HOLY DAYS Holy Holidays: Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashana means "Head of the year". This holy day is considered the Jewish New Years. The holy day takes place in September. Rosh Hahanah is the celebration of the word and is said to have been established on the sixth day of the creation, when man and woman were created. Yom Kippur is considered the most important holiday to the Jewish society. Takes place between early September and early October. During this event, no one is allow to take a bathe, no jewelry, no makeup, and not even deodorant. On the holiday, the Jews are not allow to eat or drink anything for 25 hours. Yom Kippur is is considered the Day of Atonement,fasting day.
Holy Holidays: Yom Kippur Holy Holidays: Sukkot Sukkot takes place between early and late October.This holiday is also known as The Feast of Booths or Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkot celebrates the israel people being led out of slavery by Moses and they eat traditional foods such as olives, wheat, and grapes. Cite Page: Essler, Ellis. Prentice Halle: World History Volume 1. New Jersey: Pearson, 2007. Print


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