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Social Impact

No description

Dustin Cochran

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Impact


Society in Cervantes'
Don Quixote! General Concerns IN the story
Society find books negative
Knight-errants are not helpful
Attempt at being what one is not
Over-imagination = Insanity
Specific Occurances within the Story:
"I'm a loafer by nature, I'm too lazy to go hunting for authors who say what I already know how to say without their help."(Volume 1, Prologue, pg. 8)

"Those who have been told the truth should not be taken for those who have been scorned." (Volume 1, Chapter 14, pg. 78) "For the love of God, sir knight errant, if you ever meet me again, please, even if you see me being cut into little pieces, don't rush to my aid or try to help me, but just let me be miserable, because no matter what they're doing to me it couldn't be worse than what will happen if your grace helps, so may God curse you and every knight errant who's ever been born in the world." (Volume 1, Chapter 31, pg. 209) "I am in my right mind, now, clear-headed and free of the murky darkness of ignorance, brought upon me by my continual, bitter reading of those abominable books of chivalry." (Volume 2, Chapter 74, pg. 742) Michel De Montaigne
Views on Society Personal Influence on Society

Societal Influence on the Self "It is true that, in all things, if Nature does not lend a hand art and industry do not progress very far. " ((p97)) ‘Leave this world,’ Nature says, ‘just as you entered it. That same journey from death to life, which you once made without suffering or fear, make it again from life to death. Your death is a part of the order of the universe; it is a part of the life of the world.’ (p103) "Peoples nurtured on freedom and self-government judge any other form of polity to be deformed and unnatural. Those who are used to monarchy do the same" ((p130)) Society within The Divine Comedy "Consider your origin; you were not born to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge." "He listens well who takes notes." "In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost." Society Dictates the Achievements that are needed today.
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