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05.04 Modern Science Assessment

No description

allison ramos

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of 05.04 Modern Science Assessment

05.04 Modern Science Assessment
By: Allison Ramos

Alexander Flemming discovered penicillin in the year 1928. It is a medicine that treats many different diseases caused by bacteria. This antibiotic is known to have saved many lives in the 20th century and even today.
The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1886. This invention did not become popular until 1910. This incredible device made communication much faster and easier.
The invention of the automobile was a key in helping people travel to their destinations faster. It was very helpful in trade, connection and travel.
The Airplane
The first airplane was invented by the Wright Brothers in 1903. It is a very effective mode of transportation.
I rank Penicillin as the most important because it is responsible for saving the lives of many. Second comes the automobile because it is a key mode of transportation. I rank the airplane third in importance because it is the fastest way of traveling very long distances. Last comes the telephone because communication is very important in our communities.
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