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Kristin Pearl

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Direct Instruction
Guided or Independent Practice
Quick Checks/Assessments
What is Differentiation??
What the students learn

How the students learn

How the student demonstrates what was learned
Set Objectives
Access Prior Knowledge
Direct Instruction
Guided Practice
Quick Assessment
Independent Practice
Incorporate Choice

Students "buy into" the lesson (HUGE!)

Students want to achieve, learn, and explore

Students want to be motivated

Contact Me
Kristin Pearl


Lafayette School Corporation

Groups and Choice
Learning Styles
Strengths (Multiple Intelligence)
Readiness Levels (Lesson Pre-Tests)
Know The
"Ensuring that what a student learns,
how he or she learns it,
and how the student demonstrates
what he or she has learned
is a match for that student's
readiness level, interests,
and preferred mode of learning"
Components of an Effective Lesson
The teacher role
must shift.
Dispenser of Knowledge
Facilitator of Learning
- - -
- -
- -
Dispenser of

We are now facilitators of learning!
Understand differentiated learning
Use technology to pre-assess students and create learning profiles
Leave with sample lessons, websites, and tools
Utilize technology to give students choice
Identify the shifting role of educators

Kristin Pearl

- -
- -
"The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century
will not occur because of technology, but because of an
expanding concept of what it means to be human" --John Naisbitt

Differentiation in General Education
and Special Education

EduCreations Video Link
PBS Learning Media Video
Survey Monkey to get student input:

Be aware of your own readiness level, and move at your own pace. If this seems overwhelming that is perfectly okay. If you're more advanced, find the websites links or go to the "Websites to Take Home" document and play around while we are talking.
Technology in the Process
QuickStar (Can make your own quizzes
Groups by mixed ability:
PEMDAS Masters - team leaders
3 per group (student choice)
Create a 10 question quiz in a word document for challenge

Team scores will determine winner, but tests are taken individually (Students should work together to learn concept)

Submit via MyBigCampus

Post "Math Smack Talk" on the classroom chat
Using Smart Board go through sample problems as a group
Allow students opportunities to do the writing
Allow and help each other
Differentiation does not allow for complete individualization of learning.
Differentiation does allow for remediation, acceleration, expansion, and extension of concepts.
Student work is compiled into a PDF and distributed

Team average % (not personal) are posted on MyBigCampus

Can incorporate incentives if desired
Student Readiness
Check out Padlet.com at home (used to be WallWisher)
Online KWL Chart
Watch videos:
1. Instruction through music
2. Instruction using real world application
3. Sample question demo
Quick Check
for Understanding
Guided Practice
Independent Practice
There are lots of benefits to teaching in groups, and lots of ways to group.
Learning Style
Strengths (multiple
With Similar Peers
With Mixed Peers
They Choose
Quick Question:
What were you hoping to learn about in this session??
How do you get to know your students??
How can we incorporate technology?!
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