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Supernatural Experiences and Myths

Stories that will make you chiver.

Haron Elashaal

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Supernatural Experiences and Myths

ALL IN ALL All in all many people have different opinions on supernatural beings. I don't believe in these type of things, but I find them very interesting. Many people say ghost photos are photo shopped while others say they are real. What do you believe? WELCOME TO THE ROOM OF HORRORS Ghosts and Demons Ghosts are a soul or spirit of a dead person or animal. Some people say that they can talk and meet with ghost with an Ouija board. An Ouija board, also know as a spirit board has the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9. There are also words marked that say hello, goodbye, yes and no. These board summon spirits and talk to them using the letters and phrases. The ghost supposedly moves around the letters to create an answer. Many people have said they have communicated with ghosts, some are evil and some are harmless. I this clip, a security camera supposedly catches a ghost girl on videotape. Do you think its real, decide for your self. WHAT ARE SUPERNATURAL BEINGS Supernatural beings consist of beings such as ghosts, demons, vampires, zombies and many more. I just listed the creepy ones that we are going to talk about in this presentation. Of course, people have different opinions about these stories and myths. Some believe it and many others don't. How these stroies originated and how they came to be will be some things i will be talking about. Also there will be many examples given about some types of myths. Try not to be to scared as we start our journey in the ROOM OF HORRORS. Being possesed and excorsism. Demonic Possesion is the control of someone by a violent supernatural being.
It possesion causes erased memory, different voice, convulsions and violent shaking, passing out and understanding different unknown language. It may also cause the possessed person to have superhuman powers. People say this is cured by excorsicm. Excorsism is when a priest etc tries to free the demon from the humans soul.Causing it to either go in the excorsists body or to leave permanantly. It is very tiring for the excorsist and you can eve see the excorsist sweating and breathing deeply. Supernatural Sightings There are many people who say they have seen ghosts and different apirations that seem unnatural and creepy. Some footage has been caught on tape and photographed. Although these photos and video clips are controversial. There pretty interesting to watch. MY TOP TEN CREEPIEST LIST 10. Freddy Kruger
9. Jason Voorhees
8. Saw
7. Pinhead
6. Zombies
5. Penny Wise
4. Grudge Girl
3. Slender Man
1. Leather face MY FAVOURITE HORROR ICON My favourite supernatural icon is the Leather Face.
This was a very hard decision between Slender Man and Leather Face. In this clip you will see Leather face sightings and documentary. Buckle up for this horrifying ride. -Leather face was a serial killer
-His main weapon was a chainsaw
-He killed his victims brutally
-He is actually based on a real person called Robert Gein, who did the same things as him.
-He had three different masks... all made out of his victims skin... ew!
-All of these masks represented his mood
-First mask was the pretty lady mask, which meant he was happy and confident.
-The second mask was the old lady mask, which meant he wanted to rest and be helpful in the kitchen
-The third and last mask was the killer mask... no explanation needed there!
- Leather face's normal face was detoriating from a very rare disease, which is part of the reason he wears a mask.
-Oh ya... he's always watching you and pops out of unusual places...like your closet :D The exsorcist, still voted THE most SCARIEST movie of all time, even though it was made in the 1980s. It is about a posessed girl, as we talked about before, she acts violently and scars and cuts appear out of no where on her face. In the end, the demon was released into a priest who excorsised her. He committed suicide to kill the demon and sacrificed himself so no one got hurt. I have watched a it of the movie... but trust me... I need sleep. Do you have the guts to watch this horrific movie?
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