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Concept Art

Presentation for Concept Art essay

Sean Black

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Concept Art

Concept Art Usually illustrated, concept art is a form of art in which the priority is to convey a visual form of a design, idea, or object for use in movies, video games, etc. Types of Concept Art There are a couple different types of concept art: hand-drawn illustrations, digital images (made in programs like Photoshop or Illustrator), and rendered 3D images. Illustration digital image rendered image Uses for Concept Art Concept art has many uses, and there are different "genres" of concept art based on the purpose of the artwork. Different forms include environments, characters, and object design. environmental art character design object design Requirements While there are technically no degree requirements, a bachelors degree in art/graphic design will benefit a concept artist. The most important thing for a concept artist to have is a developed portfolio. Though they may be self-employed sometimes, concept artists won't get any commissions with little to none in their portfolio Salary, Benefits/negatives Concept artists, on average, make around $58,000 annually One benefit of this job, especially for self-employed concept artists is that they get to work from home, and sometimes their work day may be shorter than normal.
The flip-side to this, however, is that some projects may require long work hours. End
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