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BPM Electrical

Why choose BPM's electricians?

James McVeigh

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of BPM Electrical

Why Choose BPM? BPM Maintenance Electricians What Areas Do We Serve? Why Can You Trust BPM? Interested in Saving the Planet & your Bank Account? Bath
Stoke Gifford
Corsham Does Your Property Have Automated Gates? Need Electrical Installations or Wiring? We can do:
Power Sockets
Data Cabling
Automated Gates
Door Entry Systems
Solar Panels
Door Entry Systems
And more... Testing & Inspection Required every:
10 years for an owner occupied home
5 years for a rented home
3 years for a caravan
1 year for a swimming pool Our highly experienced electricians have identified and solved countless electrical faults.
They can quickly pinpoint whats wrong...
...and solve the problem in no time. Safe Contractor
Trading Standards
Nexans Cabling
ISO9001 Quality Assurance
Buying Force
Construction Skills
Construction Line Our electricians and other engineers are particularly knowledgeable and experienced on correcting faults with automated gates. Lower your energy bills and be green at the same time. Let us install solar panels on your roof; you can sell excess energy you generate as well as reduce your energy bill. PAT Tests We have been inspected & certified by: Your Electricity Has Gone, But You Don't Know Why?
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