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World War 1 Alliance System

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faisal darwazeh

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of World War 1 Alliance System

World War I Alliance System
Meanwhile, Serbia and Austria-Hungary, and Romania signed an alliance in 1883 to keep peace in the Balkan region, preventing Russia from trying to de-stabilize the region for their own interests.

The Entente Cordiale formed the basis of the Triple Entente made between Britain, France, and Russia in 1907.

Although the Triple Alliance was reaffirmed in 1912, Italy did not join the Central Powers at the outbreak of war in 1914, and later joined the Allies.

All powers including the Triple Alliance and Entente, and other nations joined the war after 1914.
Personal Opinion
Thus the main cause of WWI was the alliances that were made as they forced many nations into the war once the initial fight started.

Without alliances, WWI would have been a regular war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, or it wouldn't even occur as they would have been scared to declare war with no country backing them up.
The Alliances
The "Triple Alliance" was formed between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy to counter the power of Great Britain and France. The alliance had been built up since 1882.

In 1904, Great Britain and France signed the Entente Cordiale treaty, which is an agreement designed to check German colonial ambitions.

Beginning of War
World War I began in 1914-1918

Russia was the most country to face death, where 1.7 million Russian soldiers out of 8 million died.

The war began when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, meanwhile Russia supported Serbia, so the Germans declared war on Russia. France supports Russia so Germany also declared war on France. Later on, Germany invaded Belgium when Great Britain supported Belgium and therefore declared war on Germany...and so on the war continued for 4 continuous years.
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Who were the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente?

What is the Entente Cordiale Treaty?

How many Russian soldiers died during WWI?

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Key Points
1. The alliance system was a network of treaties, agreements and ententes that existed in pre-war Europe.
2. Modern Europe has always been a jigsaw of alliances, however the mid-1800s saw these harden into two blocs.
3. The Central Powers was Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, though the latter was an uncertain member.
4. Despite their historical difficulties, Britain, France and Russia formed a three-way alliance in 1907.
5. Many of these alliances were negotiated in secret and/or contained secret clauses, adding to the suspicion and tension that existed in Europe prior to 1914.
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