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AS Level English Language and Literature - Grice's Maxims

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Bobby Evans

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of AS Level English Language and Literature - Grice's Maxims

The Maxim of Quantity
Give the most helpful
of information. Not too much, not too little.
The Maxim of Relation
Be relevant. Communicate what is appropriate to the situation
The Maxim of Manner
Put what you say in the clearest, briefest, and most orderly manner.
The Maxim of Quality
information - Do not say what you believe to be false.
AS Level English Language and Literature - 2015/16

The Cooperative Principle

When people are having a conversation, they work together to make sure that communication happens as smoothly as possible.

This means that we follow some unwritten rules about what we say to each other, and how we say it.

Paul Grice tried to identify these rules, and came up with:

The 4 Gricean Maxims

Breaking the Rules

Who is telling the story?

What sort of Character do you think they are?

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