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how to take a pentaly shot in soccer

No description

mj parsons

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of how to take a pentaly shot in soccer

How To Take A Penalty Shot In Soccer!
soccer cleats/running shoes

/ Soccer Ball (with air in it)
A Soccer Net
A Person That Will Play With You Or If You're In a Game - Either Way This Still Works!

Goal: To Get The Perfect Penalty Kick Follow
These Simple But Effective Steps
Steps: Step 2 Place the ball down on the ground
Step 3 Get a distance away from the ball.
Step 4 Look at the net. See where it is.
Step 5
Think about where you're going to shoot.
Step 6 Now think about how you're going to kick the ball and how you're going to make it go to that spot. Step 7 Ok, get ready to kick the ball. Run up to it.
Step 8 Right before you kick the ball DON'T LOOK AT THE GOALIE.

Step 9

If it went in go celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!
Step 1

First think about how you're going to kick the ball.
If you want it hard, high and accurate use the the top of your foot
almost like you're going to kick the ground except your foot is in a swinging motion.
If you want it low and medium speed, kick with the inside part of your foot.
Those are two ways you can kick the ball for a penalty shot.
Step 10 Keep practicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have practised what
I have typed then you should score consistently. Good job and hope you have a BALL of fun!!!!!!!
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