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Creating your own little world

No description

Akemi Lucas

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Creating your own little world

Creating a world: Set Designer


-Making, Designing, and budgeting
all backgrounds and sets in a production.
-Props for Movies, TV shows, Theatre

Basic skills
-Collaboration -Imagination
-Budgeting -Design
-Hiring -Presentation
-Organization -Research

-Education not a requirement
-Associate's Degree in fine arts
-Degree in Interior Design/ Set Design
-Scenic Painting/ Model making courses

-average: $46,678
-lowest 10% is less than $25,580
-Highest 10% is more than $84,180

Job Outlook
-grow by 10% by 2020
-12,800 estimated employed in 2020

-Parents are graphic designers
-Always taken behind the scenes in theaters
-Aunt is an Actress
-Family of made of Movie Industry workers
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