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vetnam war

No description

ashley bermudes

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of vetnam war

vietnam war North vietnam Ho Chi Minh was the Vietnam leader.
Vietnam was the organization developed
to gain independence. Ho Chi Minh was supported by the people for being a national hero during W.W.ll and against the French. Domino Theory Believed if one counrty in the region fell to communism, the rest of the countries would fall as well. Vietnam conflict 1950 12 Truman sent $15 mil.
in economic aid to help the French
(form of contaimment. Ngo Dinh Diem led unstable & corrupt
government. Refused to have the election
in 1956. The Ho Chi Minh trail which
was the boarder of Cambodia,
Laos and Vietnam. Vietcong was a South Vietnamese communist
group formed in 1957 because of Diems leadership. L.B.J request to take all means
necesssary to repel any armed
attack against the forces of the U.S.
and prevent to send troops any
New weapons Napalm, agent orange were new weapons.
Napalm set jungle on fire.
Agent orange was a killing toxin that caused cancer
later. south vietnam The vietcong Ho Chi Minh trail Tonkin Gulf Resolution Draft Most soldiers participating in the Vietnam were drafted. They had to register at the age 18. Men asked for medical excuses and moving frequently to avoid registration. Most men drafted were poor/lower class. The S.D.S. Was a change that corporation
and gov't institutions and taken
over the gov't and called
for more individual freedom Tet offensive Tet new year in Vietnma it started in Jan.
30, 1968 and why because vietcong attacked
more than 100 towns, 12 U.S. bases and U.S.
embassy in Saigon. Walter Cronkite was the reporter. My Lai Massacre It was a massacre of people and childen
in the villages. They reported it in 1969
to the NY Times. Lt. Calley was the only
one convicted. Troops declared they were
only following orders.
Kent State Riots Nat l guards fired upon protesting
students. This all started May 7, 1972
the natl guards was responsible. It
started because four students were killed and 9 students wounded The end of the war In Jan. 1973 U.S. signed and agreement
to a cease fire. March 29, 1973 last U.S.
trops left Vietnam. 58,000 U.S. men were
killed and 303,000 wounded.
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