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Religion in the UK

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Lenka Kraváriková

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Religion in the UK

Religion in the UK at the present day
Christianity in the UK
Islam in the UK
Originated in the Middle East in the 7th century. Muslims believe that the final prophet Mohammed received the Holy revelation from God through Angel Gabriel. They believe in Allah as the one and only God and follow 5 pillars of Islam
Hinduism in the UK
Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism
Other religion
No religion
Not stated
4,83 %
United Kingdom is a multi-faith society
Everyone has the right to religious freedom
Organizations and groups may conduct their ceremonies, promote their beliefs, own properties, run schools
The 2001 Census included, for the first time in the UK since 1851, the question of religion.
390,172 Jedi Knights = Jedi became the fourth-largest 'religion' in the UK
Main religions
General Information
The established church in England is?
the Monarch is the Supreme Governor of the church
the Church performs a number of official functions
Church and State are linked
What does
established church
Catholic in faith and order, but incorporating many principles of the Protestant Reformation and independent of the papacy
Church of England was founded as a result of the Reformation
It is the original church of the Anglican Communion
the group of Christian churches
they combine Catholic and Protestant elements in their teachings
they have bishops, but do not accept the authority of the pope
The Anglican Communion consists of 38 member churches/provinces that share several things in common ( the Church of Ireland, the Episcopal Church in Scotland, the Church in Wales,...)
Leader of the Anglican Communion is the Archbishop of Canterbury
The Most Revd Justin Welby
Christians are people who believe that Jesus Christ, who lived in the Holy Land over 2,000 years ago, is the Son of God. They follow his teachings and those of the Christian Churches that grew after this death.
The decrease of Christianity
Christianity at risk of dying out in a generation
Christians had the oldest age profile in 2011 Census
12% less Christians than in 2001
sadly they are in decline, 2011 Census recorded only 176,632 Jedi Knights
Religious Festivals
Islam in the UK is growing at an astronomical rate
One study estimated that the total number of UK Muslims is 2.9 million (4.6%) compared with 1.6 million (2.8%) in 2001.
If these figures are accurate, it means that by 2030 Britain will have more Muslims than the nation of Kuwait.
The growth of Islam in the UK is largely the result of the strong retention rate within Islamic families as well as conversion from outside
Research published in 2012 showed that 77% of Muslim families successfully perpetuate their faith to the next generation, in contrast to only 29% in Christian families and 65% in other religions.
Muslims had the youngest age profile of the main religious groups.
One of the reasons why so many Britons are becoming Muslim is that the Islamic faith is an escape route from the decadence and moral bankruptcy of contemporary British society.

One survey found that numerous young women (on average 27 years old) are going into Islam as a reaction to the moral licentiousness, drunkenness and ‘unrestrained consumerism’ of modern society. Quite simply, British young people are craving the stability that Islam brings.
Hindus believe in one universal spirit of God, called Brahman and worship that one God under many manifestations or images. They believe that existence is a karmic cycle of birth, death and rebirth governed by one's conscious action.
Hindus have been in UK since 19th century
Most British Hindus are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent
Most of the live in England, with half living in London alone
There are over 150 Hindu temples in England
they are the centers of excellence where the community regularly congregates to worship, learn and socialize. In addition to large festivals, many temples provide services like weddings, Hindu sacraments, language classes, further education, computer classes, yoga, counseling and various other services for the Hindu community
The Hindu temple at Neasden
Religion revealed through the teachings of 10 Gurus. Their principle beliefs are faith and justice. Object of their lives is to develop God consciousness and ultimately to receive God's Grace
Jewish people believe that God is above all earthy things and doesn't have a body or any other physical form. God knows the thought and actions of all people all the time, but if people repent he is forgiving.
It is more of a philosophy. Buddhist aims are to lead a moral life, to be mindful and aware of thought and actions and to develop wisdom and understanding
Sikhs have been in Britain since the 1860s and have been associated with bravery, loyalty and acts of courage. Their turban was representative of their identity and protection
Even though the number of people who label themselves as Buddhist has increased by third over the last ten years, Buddhism clearly remains a minority religion
The number of identifying Jews in England has risen slightly over the past decade, indicating a stability of Jewish community


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