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Sludge Game Web

No description

Andrew Barraclough

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Sludge Game Web

Green - Basic sludge type. Burns if it hits a red barrier. Grows if it hits a brown barrier. Slows if it hits a blue barrier.

Red - 2nd sludge type. Burns green barriers. No effect on brown barriers. Destroyed by blue barriers.

Brown - 3rd sludge type. Causes green sludge to grow if it hits a green barrier. No effect on red barrier. Speeds up if it hits a blue barrier. Enemy Sludge Green - Basic sludge type, absorbed by green barriers.

Red - 2nd sludge type, absorbed by red barriers.

Brown - 3rd sludge type, absorbed by brown barriers.

Blue - 4th Sludge type - player only, effects each sludge type differently

Black - Final type, used to win the game Player Sludge Defences Cutscene in which aliens bombard a city with green sludge. The people are helpless to stop them and it all goes rather badly. The player is introduced to the concept of the sludge, which was discovered in a crashed alien ship in a desert some years before. Scientists say they can make a barrier out of it. Storyline
AM Green Sludge Red Sludge Blue Sludge Brown Sludge Burns Slows Grows Speeds Destroys Sludge Interactivity Circle Sludge in Sludge The aliens move on to another city, and the player is introduced to placing barriers to absorb the sludge Another city to defend Another city to defend, this time an alien is spotted on the ground as a spy. Getting him killed by his own sludge becomes a bonus objective for the rest of the game. Another city, it goes well for the player until the end, where red sludge is used to destroy the green barriers and the city. Scientists get the player red barriers, and the player must use both against the enemy bombardment Another city to defend A development lab must be protected – special level in which only one building exists to defend. The sun rises. The development lab provides the player with the repulsor burst. It is used to protect another city. Another city to defend Another city to defend A satellite array must be protected as they try to find out what the aliens will do next. 2 buildings of people to protect. AFTERNOON START Another city, aliens begin using brown sludge. The scientists knew this, and have prepared barriers to stop it. Storyline
PM Another city to defend Another development lab, similar to previous level. Scientists have developed a new defence, combining the barriers with repulsors. Can be placed to push all but the type of sludge the barrier is made of away. Another city is defended with them. Another city to defend Another city to defend Scientists have built a special building to capture raw sludge, rather than the absorbed sludge. The player must funnel just green sludge into it, and if any other sludge gets in it gets purged and the player must start over. At the end, the green sludge is purified into blue sludge, and the player get the special blue barriers. Another city to defend Development lab level – player gets attraction barriers, opposite to repulsors in that they attract their type of sludge. Another city to defend Scientists come up with a way to destroy the alien terraforming fleet, they need all types of sludge to be combined in a new facility. Similar to the funnel mission, only now the player must separate the 3 types of sludge into 3 funnels to be combined. If successful, black sludge is formed. The scientists build a cannon to fire the black sludge at the enemy fleet. The player must protect it as it finishes loading the sludge into it, and then fire it at the enemy fleet.. ENDING CONTINUE Midnight
Black sludge spreads through enemy fleet
Aliens explode all over the place.
Player wins Sludge Storyline/Level Layout Sludge is a defence/strategy game in which the player must defend their planet from an alien bombardment of weaponised sludge. Features 24 levels – 1 for each hour in the day
Sludge – blobs of alien weaponised sludge that fall from the sky to terraform your home
4 different barriers made of reformed captured sludge that absorb sludge to be used for more defences
3 different types of sludge that react differently to each type of barrier
Physics-based defences to control where sludge falls
Alien spies - can you get them killed by their own sludge?
Defending cities - as people cower in their buildings, can you stop the sludge from enveloping them whole?
Point system based on sludge absorbed, people saved, and other success-based statistics Sludge Each level plays out in a similar manner. A warning appears Sludge falls from the sky Sludge hits a building This can kill people hiding in the building More sludge falls The player places barriers to slow the sludge Placing barriers drains resources Sludge that hits the right barrier can be absorbed Absorbing sludge increases resources The bombardment increases in intensity until the enemy are out of Sludge If somebody is alive, the player wins The more people alive, the better the players score The player places more barriers How is it played? The Sludge storyline is campaign based across 25 levels across the timeframe of a single day. From midnight to midnight each level is an hour long defence of each location. This is their planned layout. In the storyline, new types of Sludge appear. They all interact differently to provide new challenges and tools for the player. Exciting text-based information!* Production Information Built in Unity
Models created in Maya
Scripting done in UnityScript
Target platform: PC (or Mac) Standalone/Webplayer
Genre: Defence/Strategy
Setting: Sci-fi
Target audience: Defence game fans, strategy fans, sci-fi fans, bored internet users. Scoring Systems
& Achievements The player then gets their score Scoreboard Example Score this level Best score for this level Campaign Score Total Civilians Saved Sludge Absorbed Sludge Spent Barriers Constructed Total Civilians Saved Medal Copper/Silver/Gold Level Image Level-specific Achievements
For example, spend 500 Sludge on barriers As the player moves through the story, they will increase their "total" statistics, and be able to replay earlier levels to beat previous scores, get a better medal, or earn a level-specific achievement. *may be dull Project focus & realistic aims
From a production standpoint, I am unsure how much I will be able to fit into this game. It will be produced for my final project, but specific dialogue, characters, cut scenes and other story based events can be very time consuming to produce. In the case of this game, I plan for the story to be just a vehicle for the gameplay - it will be limited to pre-level text boxes and maybe an intro. That is why this story plan is mostly about what new gameplay elements and scenarios appear, rather than characters and storyboards. Prototype Images Sludge Prototype Randomised City Prototype Scoring Concepts Gain Score Lose Score Absorb Sludge Save Person Fully Absorb a Sludge Bonus for absorbing
recently pushed Sludge House damaged House destroyed Barrier damaged Person dead Alien spy killed Sometimes an alien may spawn and move about the people on the street. He can be killed by his own sludge. Ways to increase player strength Increased absorbion rate Tougher barriers Barriers built on buildings Stronger pushers Bigger sludge reserves
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