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Transcript of Laysan Duck Prezi

Period:5 Group 8: Erica M. Patty M. Alex G. Sebastian D. Laysan Duck Introduction: Reproduction: Behavior Sources: Our group's zoo animal for the project, is the Laysan Duck. The Laysan Duck is actually a very interesting bird. It lives on Laysan island but, officials have some of them in rescues, because the bird is currently "critically endangered" but it is still a fascinating bird. Interesting Facts: The Laysan duck does not swim
The Laysan Duck was named by Walter Rothschild
In the day it hides in bushes Human Interaction: Humans use the Laysan Duck for many purposes. One purpose is for food. Humans kill the duck, so that way they can eat it. They also us just hunt the duck for fun. Another way humans interact with this duck is by destroying their habitat. They have done this by bringing in other animals like rabbits, that killed all of the vegetation. This made the island like a desert and the ducks almost died. Another human interaction that badly affects the Laysan Duck is pollution in the water. The Laysan Duck had gotten Botulism for the polluted water of the tsunami of 2010. Classification & General Classification: Family, Order, Class, etc. The Laysan Duck has a couple different behaviors. For instance they snap their beak and start running with their neck out, when being attacked. They also try to live by fresh water, because they like to get food around shallow parts of lakes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laysan_Duck
http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/accounts/Anas_laysanensis/ The Laysan Duck belongs to the phylum Chordata, Its order is Anseriformes, and the class it belongs to is Aves. The Laysan Duck's family is the family of Anatidae. Finally, the Laysan Duck's genus and species name is Anas Laysanesis. Body Description: The Laysan Duck is very small compared to other ducks. It also has a really small bill. On the males the bill has green and black spots, while on the females it has orange and black spots. The Laysan Duck's feathers are a dark brown, but on one of its wings it has a couple of green and white feathers. The Laysan duck also has a white ring around the eye (any eye). Distribution and Conservation Status: The Laysan Duck was originally from Midway Island in Hawaii. The US Fish and Wildlife Services moved it to Laysan Island in Hawaii, because its conservation status was "Critically Endangered". Here is the Link if you would like to learn more about what The US Fish and Wildlife Services are doing to help endangered bird species : http://www.fws.gov/ Habitat and Diet The Laysan Duck prefers to live on land rather than to live on water. This is because it does not know how to swim. Since, it does not know how to swim it gets its food by caatching it on land. http://www.arkive.org/laysan-duck/anas-laysanensis/video-08a.html#utm_source=social-network&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=species-laysan-duck Click the Link Bleow to see how the Laysan Duck eats The Laysan Duck has a clutch size of about four eggs. This means that is able to lay four eggs in one time period. The Laysan Duck builds a good nest for its baby ducklings in spring. The nest looks like a bowl with dead leaves and grass. Information Sources: Picture and Video Resources: http://www.arkive.org/laysan-duck/anas-laysanensis/
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