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coco chanel

No description

conley norris

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of coco chanel

Coco finds her company and opens her first store, selling hats, in Paris. Soon after in 1910, Coco establishes her second store, Chanel Mode on 21 Ru Cambon, with the help of her boyfriend. His name was Etienne Balsan and he was a textile buisnessman and a socialite.
Some of Coco's suits appear in American Vogue for the first time. Because there were not many big time designers yet, this was a big deal for Chanel, her company, and our future for the fashion industry.
This is when Chanel starts brainstorming ideas for her logo to match her initials, CC. There are many different theories as how she came up with the logo, but none have been confirmed. A year later she created her first perfume, Chanel N-5. She sampled it to many clients and they all loved it. In 1922, Chanel N-22 is launched.
Coco Chanel establishes "Parfumas Chanel" with the help of Ernest Beaux, one of the first to mix artificial and natural essences. She also designs the shape of the perfume bottle, with its octagonal lid. Pierre Wertheimer, a jewish businessman, provides the financing. Coco licenses her name and expertise for 10%. Later on, Coco felt like she had made an unfair deal after the terms of agreement make conflicts. But today, the Chanel N-5 perfume becomes the best selling Perfume in the world. This is also the year of the first makeup collection.
Coco Chanel was born on August 19 in Saumur, France. Her original birth name was Gabrielle Chanel, but eventually started going by her current name, Coco. She grew up in poverty because her family did not make much money. Her father, Albert Chanel, worked as a street vendor and her mom, Jeanne Devolle, stayed at home to care for Coco and her sisters.
When Coco was twelve years old, her mom died for uncertain reasons, but Coco claimed it was tuberculosis. Soon after, her father took his six children to Aubazine, then disappeared. Coco and her two sisters, Julia Berthe and Antoinette, had to be sent to an orphanage in Correze, France. The nuns at this catholic convent taught Coco how to sew, which is what got her started in the first place. She later found jobs as a shop assistance and a seamstress. She also made money as a cafe singer, which his how she got her nickname. "Coco" is a deviation from "Cocotte" which is in a French expression meaning a lovely woman. She left at age 18 because the orphanage only kept girls with a religious vocation.
Coco's acomplishments
Coco Chanel was such a great entrepreneur because of her passion for clothing, perfume, and makeup. It was a huge deal for her to be so lucky because most women with new styles almost never finished successfully. Coco took a big risk of making clothing out of mostly mens clothes instead of a tight fitted "restrictive" outfit. She was determined to make fashion comfortable. Coco was the only one in the field of fashion to be named one of TIME's 100 Most Important People in History for the 20th Century. Coco's creativity helped shaped modern fashion and without her, we could still be wearing corsets. Coco Chanel worked until her death, striving to make fashion more appealing. She lived until she was 88 years old. She died at the Ritz hotel in Paris. There is many books and movies about her life today.
Fun Facts
As a child, Coco was a really bad liar. She lied about her age, when her mother died, where she was born, and how many siblings she had. The double C logo does not stand for Coco Chanel, but Chanel and Capel. Her favorite number was 5, so most collections came out on the 5th of the month.
Coco Chanel meets the Duke of Westminister in Monte Carlo. They fall in love and date for about 10 years. The Duke spoils her with jewlry and presents. She made the following quote concerning her eventual marraige with him: "There are many Duchesses of Westminister but only one Coco Chanel." In 1926, she creates the little black dress.
1930s and 40s
In 1935, 5 boutiques were held open until WWII broke out in 1945, only one remained. She began a relation ship with the Nazi officer Hans Gunther von Dincklage. She was also said to be put in jail, but taken out by Winston Churchill. She then moved to Swizerland for 10 years. However, in 1954 she made a comeback and re-opened the Couture House.
The Life of Coco Chanel
By Caroline Cline and Conley Grayson Norris
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