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Randy Rhoads

Best rock guitar player ever!

GV Computer

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads First Band(s) Next Band Experience Starts a Band Started his career playing in a group named Violet Fox with his older brother Kelle on drums. Randy and his friend found a band Quiet Riot. After his first band (Violet Fox) broke up he taught
his best friend Kelly Garni to play bass. Quiet Riot Leaves Band After being in Quiet riot for a little while and being criticized for being to boring (paraphrasing), Randy
decides to leave Quiet Riot Randy doesn't find much success
in quiet riot Searches for Band After his departure, Randy decides to find a new band Randy meets Ozzy Randy auditioned to be in Ozzy's
band and got the job immediatly Great success Randy finds great success on his first album
with Ozzy, The Blizzard of Oz Jackson Guitars While playing with Ozzy, Jackson guitar built their very first guitar, a Jackson Flying V Production Jackson decides to produce the Randy Rhoads
signature flying V and many other guiatrs Further into his career Randy realeases several studio and live albums, Such
as Diary of a Madman Lived from December 6, 1956 to
March 19, 1982 Born Death Randy died in a plane accident in front of
his friend's mansion. He died March 19, 1982 Aftermath The police found the cause of the accident. The pilot's license was expired and he was both high on drugs and drunk. There were 3 people in the plane. But no survivers..... Present Day Today, Jackson guitars is a widely used metal guitar used by many professionals. They still sell the Randy Rhoads Jackson flying V signature. Randy is still known as one of the best guitarists to ever live. His most famous songs are "Crazy Train"
"Flying High again" "Mr. Crowley" and many others.
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