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Leadership Presentation

Adolf Hitler's leadership style

Jacqui Scheffel

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Leadership Presentation

ADOLF HITTLER He made an everlasting impression on our world. He was an influential leader. Great Public Speaker Dynamic Charismatic Energetic Aggressive Technique "red herring" a tool of distraction ABSOLUTE POWER getting things done Swift as a Greyhound Tough as Leather Hard as Nails " " HITLER YOUTH 2 hours of physical activity a day personal preformance books
kept record of : wieght, speed, strength, military ability, and marching Charming Convincing Believable "A Healthy Mind can only Live
in a Healthy Body." he allowed no
chemicals in food Free University Education - passing test required free Health Care dental optometrist doctor Leading Germany
out of Debt No income tax for the middle class family No interest payable on loans On houses Or on small buisneses no unions , but a pay ranks
a scale of 1-10 14 days vacation to EVERYBODY
strenght through enjoyment cruises for working people ...before Hitler came to
power, 1 on every 2 men was UNEMPLOYED ALL OF THEM WERE EMPLOYED
WITHIN ONE YEAR Home building
Road construction (auto baun)
VW start up LAW AND ORDER 80,000,000 people 20,000 prisoners 0.025% Penalties of hard labour prevented crime respect for teachers, no bullying,
no littering, no cursing. clean cut clothing pride in apperance creativity was encouraged a house for working people loans were givin interest free forgivable for each born child instantly relatable Hitler Rise to Power Appointed Chancellor in 1933 "Prime Minister / Premir " The Enabling Act of 1933 Dictatorial Power
without legal objection Leadership style:
Dictator The Success of dictatorship: fast progression

lots of action

no arguments why people followed ... Hitler recognized problems and took ACTION to fix them an extreme patriot Germany was in a state of depression
when Adolf came into power ADOLF HITLER WHO was "HITLER" ? The Chancellor of Germany The Head of State A German Politician and LEADER of the NAZI party (National Socialists German Workers Party) He lived from April 20th, 1889- April 30th 1945 ACCOMPLISHMENTS HIS PRIDE SPIRIT &
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