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Zoroastrianism Timeline

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Clint McGann

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Zoroastrianism Timeline

TIMELINE 1600 B.C.E. 600 B.C.E. 220-650 C.E. 651 C.E. 900 C.E. 1381 C.E. 1640-1720 1878 1890-1979 1979 2000-NOW Zoroastianism is brought to Persia by Zarathustra. He claims to have recieved a vision from Ahura Mazda to bring the polytheistic believers to a monotheistic faith. Citations http://www.slideshare.net/lagnyc1234/persia-presentation-811659 http://www.zoroastriankids.com/z%20timeline.html Zoroastianism becomes widely known in Iran. The first sacred Zoroastrian scriptures are written known as the Gathas. The Sasanids started to officially support the Zoroastians. They later on convert to Zoroastians. An empire is built in Iran known as the Zoroastrian Sasanid Empire. Persecution of Zoroastrians begans after Arab Muslims defeat the Sasanids. The Zoroastian Sasnid Empire falls apart. Zoroastrians begin to escape persecution by migrating to India. Timur Lenk, was a Muslim Turk from Samarkand, who invaded and killed thousands of Zoroastians in Persia(Iran) http://www.livius.org/au-az/avesta/avesta.html Zoroastrians are stilled being persecuted. They are being forced to conversions in Iran and Afghanistan. Charles Poston built the first fire temple in the United States naming it the "Parsee Hill," located in Florence, Arizonia. Today thought it is known as the "Poston's Butte." http://www.zoroastriankids.com/1878.html Zoroastrians are starting to recieve more freedom and less percutions in Iran. The Iranian Revolution also known as the Islamic Revolution lead to the persection. This caused Zoroastrians to migrate to India, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. http://www.iranchamber.com/history/islamic_revolution/islamic_revolution.php It is believed that Zoroastrianism will only survive among the Parsis. Top 5 places where Zoroastianism is practice to this day is:
New Zealand-2,500
http://www.hinduwebsite.com/zoroastrianism/overview.asp http://www.oktravel.com.au/statistics/religion/zoroastrianism/ http://heritageinstitute.com/zoroastrianism/demographics/index.htm
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