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Yaathake Gn

on 24 April 2013

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Holidays- Religious Clothing: Men Sports Buzkashi
- most popuular; team sport on horsebacks
- took Amir to Buzkashi tournament, to provoke athletisism

-relatively popular; Baba's favourite sport wanted Amir to have talent
-under rule of Taliban, participation of sports restricted, so stadiums used for executions Music More genres and instruments Music Classic (klasik): Instrumental, vocal, and bellydancing music Salwar Kameez(dress)
-loose pants, and long top

-traingular shaped, costume of native people of Kabul
- tradition for presidents to wear

Chapan (coat)
-worn over clothing
-ideal in Kabul winters Afghan pop music: More modern music, became popular in the 70s Most popular genres of music Afghan hip hop: Very popular among Afghanistans youth and immigrant community. It shows the style of trditional hip hop, but also shows afghan culture into it Rubab: Considered the national instrument of Afghanistan, it produces unique music with traditional taste

Dombura: Popular folks instrument, famous in the central part of the country where Hazaras and Tajiks live. Celebrated according to the lunar calender.

Eid Al Fitr
-after a month of fasting/ramandan.
-wear new clothing, go to mosque, visit friends&family, recieve gifts

Eid Al-Adha
-prophet abraham's sacrificing his son
-instead lamb is sacrificed, now given to poor
-Hassan was amir's sacrifical lamb; had "the look of the lamb" Art, Culture &
Entertainment Artists Seeta Qasemi Modern pop and hip hop singer Naghma Famous pashto singer known for her amazing voice Holidays: National Jeshen
- August 19, Afghan independece Day
- the 3rd Anglo-Afghan War ended this agreement

Mujahaideen Victory Day
-April 28th, defeat and withdrawal of Russian Forces in 1989
-Baba and Amir left when USSR entered
-Mujahedin won in 1992, turned into an islamic state
-Rahim Khan describes fear in Kabul Kite Fighting/ Running -national sport, played by many kids
- cut down competing kites, lines are abtasive(glass)
- last kite in air wins
-In 1996, the Taliban government banned kite fighting (un-Islamic)
-running after loose kites as "prize" Clothing: Women Burqa
-full afghan chadri covers entire face, except for eyes
- while Taliban in power, required to wear it in public

Perahan Tunban
-long tunic over long pants
-blouse must be long sleeve
-no revealing of skin Movies - Became a big part of Afghanistan in the early 20th century - Due to the political changes in Afghanistan, movies in Afghanistan were not able to grow Afghan movies Afghan Films The AFO (Afghanistan's Film Organization) is Afghanistan's most popular film company The AFO was established by Latif Ahmadi in 1968 Amir Habibullah introducted film to Afghanistan in 1901-1919 Famous Afghan Movies -Osama (2003) Drama

-Dharmatma (1975) Thriller/action

- Earth and Ashes (2004) Drama Famous Afghan Actors Fahim Fazli: Born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Actor in The Iron Man, Eagle Eye, and many other famous American movies. Marina Golbahari: She used to be a beggar on the streets on Kabul before she acted in Osama (2003). Influence from nearby countries Arts: Visual, Theatrical -paintings dated back thousands years
-world's first oil painting found in Afghanistan
-theatre dominated by men
-carpentry prominenet for centuries Arts: Poetry - long cultural tradition and passion
- been major educational readings in its culture
-Amir loved literature
-Amir's mother professaur; taught literature Cuisine - wide landscape consisting crops
- variety of fruits; commonly grapes, promegrantes, apricots
-treat guests with great respect; give many foods
-during Amir's stay with Wahid, they offered Amir a great meal even though they were poor(respect) Famous Architectures - Shrine of Hazar Ali (Blue Mosque), reputed burial place
-Sohrab tells Amir of
time Hassan took him

-Heart Citadel, dates to 330 BC when Alexander the Great arrived
empires used it as headquarters Influenced by Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, and India

Practices the same religion (Islam) as Pakistan, Iran, and Tajikistan

Influence by Indian instruments when it comes to music THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!
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